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Senior memory book project

No description

Ramon Miller

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Senior memory book project

Senior Memory Book
My name is Ra'Mon Rasheed Miller, I'm an 18 years old senior at Forrest City HighSchool. I currently live in a small town called Forrest City. My ancestor, Lucy Crawford, was the first and only of this family to come to North-America and she created my inheritance.
Since I was little my life goals have switched from riding a bike, to climbing big trees, and even becoming a professional dancer. Now that I've matured, my major goal is to finish high school an go to college to major in medical technology. So far, I'm heading the right way as I got accepted for my course, for the rest will just have to wait and see...
Long before i was born, there was my mother, Pamela Lashay Carr and my father, Melvin Julius Miller. They knew each other from a very young age. Even if they both come from this region. That where they fell in love. After my dad ask my grandfather's permission, he proposed. They didn't get married but not long after, started their family with my sister Kaitlin. She is 5 years older than I. 3 years later, my brother , Jaquade, was born.
Chapter 1-Before I Was, There Was...
Of course even before all of this happened, there was my grandparents. Emma Foster and Jessie Zone Adames are my mother's parents. Unfortunately, my grandpa died from cancer, my mom was only 41. He was full joy. On my Father's side, Maudie King. My father suffered the same tragic event like my mom when his father died in 2009.
Chapter 3- Suddenly, I Became Me
From my birth to when I was four I don't remember much. My last full memory is when I got sent to Memphis, TN to live with my mother. This incident probably happened because of how bad
I was born on the 7th day of March 1996 at 12:03 am. I was next to the last addition of my family.
I was a very curious little child. To me, exploring the whole backyard was similar to a mission. I often got hurt doing so. Let just say climbing trees and running in snake infested hay weren't my brightest ideas! I was often with my big cousin April Broyles, at a young age I was a considered a dancing, and joyful baby always with a smile on my face.
Chapter 4- School bells
I started preschool at the age of 5, this is when I meet most of my fellow classmates. AJ and T. Smith where the classmates understood me. We stood out from the crowd, not because was nice to me or because we were friends, at this time we didn't like each other. Even if I was shy, I was very stubborn. I remember us getting in trouble because we would always fight eachother.
Although I did meet Brittanye Garza in kindergarten, we became good friends in second grade. This is for the simple reason that Britney could under me and we played all the time, I didn't understand what she was saying. Once I learned more about her we became best of friends. All that changed when i moved to Memphis, TN. I know it was only a hour away from Forrest City, but I didn't have reasonable transportation to come back and forth so our friendship slowly faded away.
I was a very advanced child coming into kindergarten as I could already write, count to 50 and even read a little. My sister thought me most of this. We would play ''school'' and believe me, she's the strictest teacher I ever had! But all and all I owed my early good grades to her because she did teach me a lot of new things.
Chapter 5- More School Bells
I don't remember much of my 4th expiernces because at the time I was moving from Forrest City, AR to Memphis, TN . When I finally realized that I was not dreaming and that I actually left all my old friends and family it hurted me but it made me the person i am known as today. At the same time I started to get bullied during this time so I blocked most of the memories out to forget the bad ones.
It was in 5th Grade when I discovered my passion for dancing. I met some more kids and we started dancing at after school care, and one of the fellow staff members seen us and recommended that we dance at our 5th grade graduation. That was one one of the happiest moments of my life when everybody was applauding for us. From that day to this one dancing is just where my heart is at I went to a semi- private school but that did not affect the fun that we had and the memories we created for ourselves. Someone else that had the same project as me did.
Chapter 6- I Grew Up Here
Before the age of 10, I lived in a small place called Forrest City. Even if it was while I was still very young a lot of my good memories come from this time. At the time we stayed right down the street from my father, and my grandmother. The resident would spoil us because we were not bad children. Our house was looked small on the outside but very spacious, we could fit five people in the bathroom. With a family of five, it was ok because it was only four of us that lived their me, my brother (Jaquade), my sister (Laquiesha), and my Mother. My other sister (Kaitlin) stayed down the street with my father becasuse he had her spoiled rotten. After I turned 7 my mother and brother moved to Memphis, TN an built a new house in Raleigh that even bigger for us. It wasn't very far from our old home but the environment was very different. We weren't the only kids in the neighborhood anymore, but at least we had a bigger backyard an more children our age to play with
During my junior year was when I left Memphis and moved back to Forrest City because my grandpa had got really sick. My junior year wasn't the best but it was okay for the most part. I came back to Arkansas I got to see my old classmates, and I even joined the FCHS Dance Team. While I was on the team there was a lot of drama that was involved, but yet our team placed 3rd Place at UDA Camp at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR. For the 1st time in my whole dance career I always wanted to goto a dance camp and qualify for Nationals. We made nationals but we could not attend due to money an uniform issues. Going to camp was a awesome expierence to meet different teams from different backgrounds. All the teams was great but for the FCHS Mustang Dance Team to achieve something so great and not compete was a big let down, but this what made my seniotr yeatr.
Chapter 9- I Wish I Could See____ Again
K. Williams was one of my classmate from kinder garden to fourth grade. We was in the same class she was my little 1st grade crush. Later on, I moved to Tennessee to live with my mom and little brother. About a year or two years after I moved, I got terrible news, Kayla had passed in a horrific fire. Unfortunately, it was a tragedy but she died a hero. I hadn't seen her since I had left. I didnt get a chance to goto her funeral because I didnt want to see her that way I would just like to remember her the way she was, and the memories we shared together from recess to catching the bus after school. She was on o my closest friends when I lived down in Arkansas. I wish I could of seen her smiling at least one last time before she passed it was so tradgic an hurted me bad, but i knew she in good hands now and I will soon see her again.
Chapter 8-Middle School
During middle school I mostly hung with alone.. My kindergarten attitude had long passed and I was a very shy person. Because of this I had a hard time making friends but by the time we were in 7Th grade i had surpassed my fear of social interaction.

Middle school was also when I started participating in different clubs/ activities like step team, and math/science club. I finally realized it was all just a learning expiernce for me.
When we finally got to be 8th graders, I was so happy. My 8th grade year, it was the best year I ever had. Our teachers at this time was new and bursting with energy. Everybody loved her, to me she became more than a teacher, she had become my friend. I still had that one mean teacher that tried and act as if she didnt have a heart but i got passed her and moved on to 8th Grade Graduation
Chapter 7- Growing Pains
My first serious romance only started this year, with a girl named Chanta Etherdge. I've known her for about a year. We only got to really know each other when I started working with the FC Mustang Dance Team. Within a few weeks of working with her, I was completely head over heels with her. At this time she wanted nothing to do with me except being friends. As the time went by, she eventually quit but we kept contact. We went on a few dates but something just didn't feel right so that's as far as we went. This happened a few times during this past year we continued to keep contact until about 4 months ago we realized we where not ready for a relationship. We started going out the 9th of Feburay 2013, since then, I was happy as a whistle. All in all the expiernces me and Chanta shared can no one else replace those memories.
Chapter 11- New Kid On The Block
Oh freshman year! The start of a new beginning. I actually loved my first year in high school. It was so different and as stupid as it may sound, it gave you that sense of superiority and maturity. The students at Raleigh Egypt High School was very fond of everybody that attendend their school. This created a lot and I mean A LOT of friction. We would often butt heads but soon enough we'll all just forget about it. My friends Teanna, Vonesha, Courtney, Ana, and Tyshuna we grew closer our freshman year, but well into 10Th grade, when my best friend Teanna transferred schools, and me moving to different areas around town. I continued to be a valuable member of many groups around school from Dance Team, ROTC from their to Choreographing the Cheerleading as it seemed tiring to many people but to me it was the best expience to meet new people and explore new opportunities. It was still appealing to me. I was not the most organized student but my grades were excellent.
As for my love life (Hahaha), I went on dates times to times but it wasn't an important part of my life. Dancing was where my heart was at so thats what I put almost all of my time in to doing.
Chapter 13- At last I'm a Senior
Finally I'm senior!!! Now that I'm here, I don't want it to end! This year was amazing, more than what I had ever thought it could be. I've learned more things about my fellow graduates and myself than ever before. I'm seriously going to miss all of our craziness. Although we had many fights, the good memories are the ones I'll cherish forever.
Throughout the good and the bad experiences that have occurred in my life, I've slowly built the person I am today. Without them , who would I be? I honestly would not change a thing even if it'd be possible. My life has been perfectly imperfect and I can't wait to see what will happen next. As I get older I can see myself being a Computer Engineer. I know it dont sound like much but I found something that i'm good at and this is my number one choice. If that fails then I will start focusing on my dancing career and see how far and where it'll take me.
Chapter 12- Junior Year
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