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No Logo by Naomi Klein

The Branding World

Kelsa Lowe

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of No Logo by Naomi Klein

NO LOGO Naomi Klein NO LOGO NO JOBS No Jobs No Logo ~BREACH of Community~ No Logo: No Choice Corporate Synergy NO LOGO
No Space Marketing "The brand reinvented itself as a cultural sponge, soaking up and morphing to its surroundings."
Companies began focusing on global expansion, which is a major social problem today. This brings up the issues of monopolies, oligarchies, capitalism, and the like. Youth Marketing and the Marketing of Cool
If you get the kids, you'll get the entire family. Brands, not products, became the marketing cry for product producers, or rather "meaning brokers."
The brand became an experience.
Mom & Pop Multinational Corporations. And branding made this process possible. Naomi Klein writes on the assault on choice that's taking over many fronts at once:
Corporate Synergies

"In 2007, there were $1.21 trillion worth of mergers and acquisitions...The ten largest mergers in US history have occurred in the past 15 years." (TEXTBOOK) Synergy is consuming so much of society through pop culture that people seem to have the desire to become one with our pop culture. Public space is being redefined.

Presents the idea of shopping malls as the public, community center, as that's how a mall brands itself. A place to meet friends, hang out, and shop!
A brand where more brands can be displayed-a community.
However, if someone protests or hands out political flyers, that person is in breach of the "community" and is personally escorted out. As jobs are flown offshore, the old-fashioned idea that a manufacturer is responsible for its workforce is flown away with it. Bad Mood Rising! NO SPACE NO Logo Cool envy: Brands go back to school BRANDS ARE EVERYWHERE! No Space is left unbranded!!!!!! Patriarchy in the Branding World Brands target not only kids, but also various groups of people based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or the impoverished.

Brands especially liked to target inner-city poor kids. Making brands speak to them through messages of freedom, luxury, and wealth. In effect, kids would sometimes kill to have that nice air of Nike shoes. Making it seem, through brands, that this company is an ally in the struggle.

Markets sold diversity in itself:
ex. Skittles "Taste the Rainbow." Turning candy into multiculturalism. Textbook Examples AT&T buyout of Tele-communications, Inc., Texaco buying out Getty Oil, etc...
Disney merging with Capital Cities/ABC, NationsBank and BankAmerica mergers, Citicorp and Travelers Group merger, Exxon merging with Mobile Oil, etc...

5. NONPRODUCTIVE-doesn't create new plants, products, or jobs. Only creates profits for those in power. Mergers Synergies Buyouts Buyouts MERGERS CELEBRATION Welcome to your dream come true!
Celebration, Florida
In the land of Disney....seriously! Corporate Censorship

"The active elimination and suppression of material."
Must appeal to the family. NO LOGO Workforce Alienation Target young women: vulnerable, far away from home, easily manipulated, work for less Textbook: "occurs because the workers don't have control over their labor, because they are manipulated by managers, because they tend to work in large, impersonal settings, and because they work in specialized tasks." Workers & Problems Pay rate is below the minimum wage

Workers work sixteen, seventeen, even eighteen hour work days.
Multiple bathroom breaks-forget it
Pregnant women denied hiring. Plus, job insecurity. Contracts=28 days=the length of the average menstrual cycle. Thus, if a pregnancy comes to light, it's easy for the worker to be dismissed.
Women are terrified Anyone like Levi Jeans? Corporations are spending so much money on advertising that they lay off workers.
EX---Levi jeans: which had a 4% decrease in revenue (from $7.1 billion to $6.8 billion between 1996-1997), so they laid off workers. Between 1997-1998, they laid-off 16,310 workers. EX: Multiculturalism
through branding Sexualization of women What she needs is a shirt WELL....... Ads Kader Toy Factory killing 188 workers and injuring 469 more.
First fire in industrial history, taking more lives than the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire that killed 146 young workers in New York City in 1911.
The parallels between Triangle and Kader: separated by half a world and eighty-two years of so-called development RESISTANCE! ~Brand Bombing~ ADBUSTERS!!!! ADBUSTERS CULTURE JAMMING Brand Boomerang
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