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Thriller movies

No description

Emma Gannon

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of Thriller movies

Emma Gannon 12.1 THRILLERS! WHAT IS A THRILLER? What do Thrillers do? It's in the name they thrill people using the elements: suspense, tension and excitement.These elements keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Thrillers always play with the audience's emotions for example going from happy to scared to uncertainty, surprise, anxiety and anticipation. This is one of the main reasons people love thrillers because they keep the audience on the edge of their seat!
An example of a horror thriller which is always playing with your emotions is Final Destination 5. The Final Destination films are all incredibly unrealistic but the reason people love them is because they never know what is going to happen their emotions go from tension to uncertain to excitement to shock etc.
This is the trailer for Final Destination 5. Conspiracy thrillers Conspiracy thrillers also known as paranoid thrillers is a sub genre of thriller fiction. Conspiracy thrillers are when the hero/heroine who are usually journalists or investigators trapped in a powerful organisation which is only alive through lies and propaganda. The company is eventually bought down by the hero/heroine. Conspiracy thrillers are often linked with the secrecy of the government or major organisations in history. Conspiracy thrillers are mainly for an older male audience.
Some examples of conspiracy thrillers are:
The Borne Ultimatum
The Davinci Code
The Game CRIME THRILLERS Horror thrillers are thrillers which include blood and gore. Some horror thrillers include Scream, Saw and Alien. Crime thrillers are a mixture of crime films and thrillers. The main elements of crime thrillers are suspense, uncertainty and excitement. Most crime thrillers are based on failed or successful crimes but focus on the activites leading up to the crime. They can also over lap with psychological thrillers. The audience is both male and female but can sometimes lead to males because crime thrillers have a lot of murders, car chases, shootouts and robberies.
Crime thrillers include:
Pulp Fiction
Ocean's 11 HORROR THRILLERS Horrors mix into all the sub genres of thrillers. They include psychology, super naturalism, disaster and mystery. The main reason people love horror thrillers the most is because they play with your emotions every minute of the film one minute your scared then nervous then happy then excited. Also some thrillers make you wonder who the killer is which makes you suspicious and you are always changing your mind on who it could be. Everyone likes to watch a horror thriller from time to time but the main audience is 15+ male and female.
A horror thriller should use all the thriller elements:
high levels of anticipation
uncertainty and the most important
TERROR! This sub genre usually looks at crimes and the circumstances to try and find out some clues. The main reason most audiences like mystery thrillers is because you become part of the film trying to figure out the mystery. The main audience for mystery thrillers are older male and female audience who can keep up with the film.
Mystery thrillers use the elements:

Some mystery thrillers include blue velvet, Dial M for Murder and The Third Man. MYSTERY THRILLERS PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLERS Psychological thrillers play with the audiences minds. The main element for this sub genre is suspense.
What makes this sub genre so suspenseful? The reason psychological thrillers are so suspenseful is because they show the mentality of a character and the thought processes they go through.
The main audience is an older male and female crowd.
Psychological thrillers over lap in all sub generes of thrillers because all thrillers make you think and wonder what will happen next or who is the killer?
Some examples of psychological thrillers are:
Shutter Island
Inception Scream 4 Trailer Saw 7 Trailer SUPERNATURAL THRILLERS Supernatural Thrillers contain a 'supernatural' element for example monsters, being possessed, paranormal activity. Successful supernatural thrillers are always scary and sometimes interesting for example The Unborn.
The Unborn is a paranormal thriller about a girl called Casey who starts hallucinating, seeing a young boy. Later she finds out it is her twin brother who died at birth but wants to be born and they have to perform an exorcism.
Although your scared when your'e watching this you don't want to look away because it is so interesting and you want to find out what happens next.
The audience for supernatural thrillers is mainly an older male female audience. OVERALL All Thrillers over lap in all sub genres for example A Nightmare on Elm Street. A Nightmare on Elm Street is a horror, supernatural and psychological thriller and is also one of the most successful thrillers grossing at $25.5 million!
For a thriller to be successful you will never be bored or distracted throughout the whole film because the film should always be changing the main element (tension, excitement, suspense, climax) which should leads to emotion changing all the time keeping the audience on the edge of their seats! Mirrors Codes and Conventions of Thrillers Low key lighting Shadows Obtrusive editing (quick shots) tense music stairs Flashbacks Photographs Black and white CODES AND CONVENTIONS OF A PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER two or more characters preying upon anothers mind
Deceptive mind games
Mental Illnesses
The destruction of anothers minds Used throughout thriller movies to reflect someones soul. Additionally, they represent the darkness and different sides to characters. Low key lighting creates shadows, shadows can build tension in a scene. Obtrusive editing accentuates feelings of suspense and tension. They are particulary used in thrilling scenes. Can enhance the shadows and highlights the darkness in a film. Flashbacks give the audience an insight into a characters past ESPIONAGE THRILLERS spy films usually include government activity of some sort for example, The Bourne Ultimatum. Spy films are usually popular with audiences worldwide because all cultures can relate to it. Offering a combination of exciting escapism, technological thrills, and exotic locations, the spy film combines action and science fiction genres, presenting clear-delineated heroes for audiences to root for and villains for them to hiss.
One of the most famous spy films in James Bond.
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