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Life of Pi Summative

By: Amandeep, Cameron, Arshdeep

Amandeep Gogia

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of Life of Pi Summative

By: Amandeep, Cameron,
Arshdeep Two Main Aspects
of Pi's Life Sinking of the Ship Island Analysis Pi hears a small rumble or explosion from the ship, on the 4th day of their journey
He tried to wake his parents and brother, but they were fast asleep
He goes to explore outside, there is a storm, the ship sinks Pi slowly runs out of supplies, and loses energy to fish for food. Pi is starting to lose hope, but when it all of Pi's hope is almost gone, he sees trees.
"In the near distance I saw trees. I did not react. I was certain it was an illusion that a few blinks would make disappear." (Chapter 92)
The island provided Pi and Richard Parker food and water, and they slowly regained their health
After a few days, Pi finds what looks to be fruit but it is actually a human tooth and he realises the island is carnivorous.
We think that the island for Pi was a sign from god that he should continue his journey and it give him hope and health to go on. It was his time to leave when he saw the human tooth and got scared of the island. Religion ` Life of Pi Zoology Background Information Piscine Molitor Patel is the protagonist
"I was named after a swimming pool.... when my uncle Francis Adirubasamy went to Paris" (Chapter 3) Born and brought up in his early life in Pondicherry
He lived with his 2 parents, his brother and mamaji in Pondicherry Religion Pi was very interested in Religion
“Religion will save us,” I said. Since when I could remember, religion had been very close to my heart. (Chapter 7)
"I attended the University of Toronto and took a double-major Bachelor’s degree, my majors were religious studies and zoology." (Chapter 1) Pi wanted to be Christian, Muslim and Hindu. "There are three hills within Munnar... on each stood a Godhouse."
(Chapter 17) Religion - Cont. Pi practiced religion a lot
Chapter 63, he prays during every part in his schedule for the day
His faith helped him survive; if he didn't keep up his hope and faith in god he would've given up early on Zoology Pi’s father was a zookeeper so Pi was basically brought up with the zoo
So naturally, he was very interested in animals
Knew many stories from his father about animals, for example how circus trainers train tigers. Pi goes on to study Zoology in University, as mentioned in the quote before. This picture contains the main animals talked about in the book. Zebra, Hyena, Orangutan, Tiger from the boat, Sloth from his University thesis in Zoology. Departure from India Pi and his family have to leave India due to political trouble
Sold their animals to Zoos around the world
They have to leave via a cargo ship named Tsimtsum
They're also travelling with some other animals which were sold in North America Sinking of the Ship
- Cont. Few crew members throw him onto a lifeboat
A zebra falls onto the lifeboat, breaks its leg, and pushes the lifeboat onto the water
The lifeboat has a hyena and Pi helps Richard Parker the tiger, onto the lifeboat
Orange juice the orangutan floats to the boat on pile of bananas Sinking of the Ship - Cont. Pi is devastated, he just lost his family, and all his beloved animals.
This recreated picture shows Pi thinking about his family who is he most likely missing very much Stranded on the Lifeboat Pi is now on a lifeboat, his journey of 227 days begins, first few days, Hyena eats the Zebra and the Orangutan, but the Tiger eats the Hyena.
Now only Pi and Richard Parker left, Pi searches the life boat and finds survival materials to last him about 100 days. As part of the Human Condition, Pi realizes that he will have to protect himself and be able to have sustainable food for himself and the tiger because the tiger might eat him if he doesn't get enough food.
Pi learns to fish and hunt for food and also adapts to eating meat even though he is vegetarian
Pi also realizes that he must tame Richard Parker and also make a raft for himself, until it is safe for him and the tiger to stay on the boat together. Landing on Mexico Eventually, Pi finally lands on the coast of Mexico
As soon as he lands, the Richard Parker leaves Pi behind.
Pi was sad because the tiger did not even look back at him
Soon some mexican residents find Pi on the beach and they take him to a hospital
Pi is interviewed by 2 Japanese reps and he retells his story and also the “other story”
In the end, Pi goes to Canada, starts a new life, studies Zoology and Religion in University of Toronto Symbols:
In the "other story" Pi explains a lot of things about how he might have viewed things.
Pi was the Tiger himself, and he also symbolizes strength and courage.
The zebra was a helpless event that you cannot do anything about
The orangutan symbolized bravery and hope.
The hyena symbolized danger, and fear in life that you have. Human Condition As part of the human condition, we believe that Pi created Richard Parker for himself because if the tiger wasn't there, Pi would be alone and might had even gone insane because of the loneliness.
Humans don't like to be lonely, they like to have company
"The ship vanished into a pinprick hole on my map. A mountain collapsed before my eyes and disappeared beneath my feet.I felt sick to my stomach. I felt shock. I felt a great emptiness within me, which then filled with silence. My chest hurt with pain and fear for days afterwards." (Chapter 38)
This is when he might have created the tiger and animals
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