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Importance of social media in todays society.

A prezi presentation for introducing and explaining the social media to a foreign exchange student.

christopher sunday

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Importance of social media in todays society.

Importance of Social Media
Todays Society Importance of Social Media In today's culture and society, Social media is used to keep everyone and everything connected. Social Media is defined as forms of electronic communication (as for web sites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content as videos.
("merriam-webster" 2013) How is it used? Portable electronic devices or computers are used to log into the world wide web or internet to communicate via email or social networking site. Social Media is used for almost every need and want in today's popular culture. References merriam-webster.(2013).Retrieved from http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/social%20media page 1 Online Communities Facebook


Goolge Online communites are groups of people who social network on sites such as the ones listed below. Facebook Facebook is the most widely used and known social networking site in the world. Wardle,(2012) Wardle,C.(2012,January 4).basic introduction to facebook [Video file] Retrieved from YouTube website: www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0ydZwVxb9U Page 5 Twitter Twitter is another great social networking site made to make the most out of social media Mellot,(2009) Mellott, K. (2009, August 31). How to use twitter-basics for new users! [Video file]. Retrieved from YouTube website: Page 6 Social Networking in Popular Culture Social networking in popular culture has become the number one way to use social media. It keeps businesses connected, along with family over seas. The evolution of social media begins with how everyone stays connected. Social Media in the last ten years. Social media has how we stay connected to our resources has started with the internet and ways to send e mail. When we found ways to keep in touch faster than a phone call or sending mail, email became a high demand. The demand for email spiked an evolution of ways to use social media even faster. Portable phones or we now known as cellular phones has become apart of social media as the best social networking site out there.

We now have ways to send messages from our phones and connect to the internet using our phones. In popular culture and using social media, having your phone with you or always being connected to the world is almost a basic need now.

The more ways you figure out how to stay connected with friends, businesses, or with family, you have figured out how social media is with popular culture. Social media and Globalization Countries all over the world are using social media to spread businesses, stay in touch with family as much as we are. There are some countries that will restrict the usage of social media due to political views or worldly issues such as North Korea.

Although there are countries that do not believe in using social media or basic internet to stay connected, there are people who do not have the ability or resources to do so.

Social media does make life easier. There are some things social media can never replace. Real social encounters with friends or family can not replace social media. It is still good to utilize basic communication skills

Staying connected with social media is helping to stay connected with the world. It is best to learn the basics of internet and communication to stay connected. Conclusion If you are new to the internet or communication methods used in popular culture. Social Media is the best way to learn and be involved. The sky is the limit with how and who you want to be connected with.
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