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Nursing Portfolio

No description

leslie baculio

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Nursing Portfolio

Nursing Portfolio
Philosophy about Nursing
Leslie Baculio
I came into nursing because of various reasons. One of my reasons was that I find nursing as an interesting career. A profession that I believe where I will encounter different people who are in different situations at different settings. My philosophy about nursing, is that nursing is about helping people. A profession where I am aware of that I am making a difference on each patient that I will encounter with. Whether I am able to support the patient’s decision or not. For example, a pregnant patient wants to have an abortion and I find it difficult to deal with the situation because it is against my beliefs. Getting another nurse who can handle and deal with the situation would be a better idea in order to accommodate the patient’s needs.
Moreover, I see nursing as an intangible entity that showcase one’s ability by the way he advocates the patient with appropriate knowledge that would help the patient to achieve wellness. Most of all, I see nursing as an autonomous profession and not just as a ‘doctor’s little helper’ (McMahon, 2005).
Values I: Empathy
I highly value empathy. Empathy for me means understanding the situation even without going through similar experience. It is looking at the situation through the other person’s perspective. The way other people analyse certain circumstances may not be the same as the way I look at it. By showing empathy helps me to understand and respect other people’s actions and decisions. Empathy is important in nursing because nurses encounter different people who are going through different challenges. Being able to connect with the patient and the support group, helps them to relieve the stress that they may be experiencing.
Values II:
As a patient in experience, being able to rely and trust the nurse that he knows what his doing is important. For me, accountability measures how responsible the person is. The responsibility to accept and be able to accomplish the given duties. Accountability in nursing is very important, because the nurse is the last person in the line of defense if something unexpected happens to the patient. I value accountability because it demonstrates the individual’s knowledge related to his best practice.
Values III: Integrity
I value integrity. For me integrity means honesty to one’s actions and words, and the competency to be firm on his moral values. Integrity is important in nursing because a nurse needs to be responsible and accountable of his own actions. Integrity measures the nurse’s ability to take actions of what is morally right and wrong for an individual. I believe that integrity is significant in nursing because this leads to trustworthiness and accountability. Without integrity, people who surrounds the individual will not have reliance on the person. Also, they will expect for the worst to happen whenever the person is put in an unexpected situation, which will not be helpful for a nurse who faces dailly work related challenges.
Values IV: Reflective
For me, being reflective is important. I believe that being reflective means looking back from an event that happened in the past and attaining knowledge from that situation. Reflection in nursing is important because it develops the nurse’s ability to learn from his mistakes and act in a more appropriate way when put in a similar situation. The nurse should be able to reflect on what happened during her practice/ clinical and examine the possible ways that he could have done to improve the situation. I see reflection as the basis to attain best practice in nursing. The capacity of the nurse to apply the knowledge learned from previous experiences helps the nurse to demonstrate an improved patient service.
This achievement is also a requirement for school of nursing. CPR certification demonstrates the basic life support responses that nurses need to obtain for situations like choking or if someone collapse.
As a Walkhome volunteer, accountability is important. The trust that the students acquire is important to know that if ever hey want to call Walkhome, they feel safe walking in Symons or Trail campus
My second goal is to make an occupied bed. I am aiming to do the task for three beds and keeping tract that the patients do not develop skin damage. I believe it is achievable and realistic. I am planning to achieve my goal within the seventh week of my clinical.
In my first year of nursing at Trent University, I have to write a paper about the challenges of a nurse for one of my nursing courses. The assignment was to interview a registered nurse and research about the strategies of how to cope up with nurse’s challenges. The literature were used as supports to how I manage the challenges if I am the nurse.

When the assignment was introduced, I was confident that I can do it before the deadline and get a good mark. However, I was afraid that I might be uncomfortable asking the questions because the person that I am interviewing was my cousin. I find the interview questions that was provided were too formal for both the registered nurse and myself. Some of the questions ask to describe what was the most significant event that happened during her practice that made an impact on her, why the nurse choose nursing, what were the three most challenging issues and best aspects in her career. When the nurse answered that questions with regards to the challenges in nursing, I could not help myself not to think that, what if nursing is not for me? What if I survive my four years in nursing school and realize that nursing is too stressful for me be in? Or recognize that my beliefs and expectations about nursing is far more different in the real world. I paused at some point during the interview and thought on what to respond after hearing the trials that I might also encounter once I get my license as a nurse. Although, at the end I manage to give a response, I know that my response was not good enough. That I should have given her a more thoughtful response without sounding like I pity her.

I include this as one of artifacts because as a former member of the Girl Scout of the Philippines, we are being put in different situations. We are expected to acquiring teamwork with my patrol group to do the given tasks. This also applies to nursing because nurses encounter various situations. This could be challenging but with teamwork and cooperation of each member the task gets less stress and achievable.
Volunteering in a long-term facility was challenging at first. I did not realized that my commitment to volunteer lasted for more than a year. The knowledge that I acquire from volunteering in long-term care helped me practice and improve my communication skills.
Johnson, C., Wilhelmsson, S., Börjeson, S., & Lindberg, M. (2015). Improvement of
communication and interpersonal competence in telenursing - development of a self-
assessment tool. Journal Of Clinical Nursing, 24(11/12), 1489-1501 13p.

McMahon, B. (2005). A handmaid's tale. Nursing Standard, 20(11), 34-34 1p.)

Melinte, I. E. (2013). Time Management-a Paradigm of Contemporary
Society.International Journal of Communication Research, 3(1), 15
Continuous learning is another philosophy that I have for nursing. What and who I am today, is what I believe I can contribute to nursing. This includes my values, beliefs, attitudes, and motivations, which led me into nursing. The lessons that I obtain from my religion, home, school, and past experiences would certainty help me in this profession. However, I believe that the nurse’s commitment to acquire new knowledge does not end after university or college. Nursing is in the science field where the understanding of living things is inevitably growing. For which nurses also need be aware of, especially if it is health related discoveries. I see nursing as a profession for which acquiring new knowledge and applying the learned knowledge, takes place every day.
My first goal for second semester is to improve my communication skills and also the patient’s communication skill during my clinical. My goal is to hold a conversation for more or less than thirty minutes with one patient. I believe that my goal is realistic enough to be able to achieve it. I am aiming to achieve my goal within 8 weeks.
This shows that I value the quality of learning that I obtain. It also shows that obtaining above 80% demonstrates that I am academically prepared for university.
Obtaining this qualification acquired for school of nursing shows that I am able to follow the nursing regulations. This displays that I keep my non-academic requirements up to date as it is important to nursing for me to protect myself.
This award exemplifies my commitment to academics and to my religion as well. I might be challenge by my beliefs to do my practice someday, but I will do my best to show my commitment for nursing without affecting my beliefs.
In my situation, my mistake was that I did not practice my communication skills in a formal way knowing that the assignment will be transcribed. As a result, the interview went really uncomfortable for both the nurse and I. Also, even after reading the questions for a couple of times, I did not prepare myself to the possible response that the nurse might give. A study by Johnson, Wilhelmsson, Börjeson, & Lindberg (2015) determines that self-assessment helps to improve nurse’s communication skill and arise new ideas for nurses to develop better response (Johnson et al., 2015, p. 1489 - 1495). Maybe, I should have analyse the questions prior to the interview. I should have research about the possible challenges in the nursing career, so that during the interview I would not be surprise of what the nurse’s response is. One of my mistakes was that I procrastinated, leaving the assignment until the last minute. I ended up cramming because I also had two midterms, which happened to be on the same week of the deadline for the said assignment. I was nervous of submitting my paper because I did not read it over and edit it, since I was running out of time.
Planning fallacy is one of the cause of procrastination. Planning fallacy allows students to initiate the project, but because of insufficient time, students are incapable of finishing the project on time (Melinte, 2013, p. 19). Based on experience, planning and making a to-do-list works for me most of the time. However, I realised that I have been failing to achieve my to-do-list after September of this year. I tried to follow my plans in order to finish my assignment ahead of time, but I failed to do it because I ended up spending more time studying on my midterms. My goal for the next assignment or exam] is to join my friends for group discussion and group study every week. In this way, I will actually try to do my work and obtain a better understanding of the concepts discussed in class or in seminars.
Also, from now on, I will constantly practice to improve my communication skills in preparation for clinical next semester. Especially because I am looking forward to achieve my SMART goal with regards to communication.

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