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Rogers Communications

Rogers Communications Inc.

Chris Martin

on 6 April 2010

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Transcript of Rogers Communications

Leadership Style Democratic CEO Election Board of Directors Trust Committees Pension Comittee
Audit Committee
Finance Committee
Compensation Committee Ted Rogers (1967 - 2008)
Nadir Mohamed (2009 - present) Challenges/Opportunities Telus/Bell Sue Rogers Rogers is sued over their advertising slogan stating they are the fastest and most reliable network 2015 PanAmerican Games Rogers has the opportunity to penetrate the sports market with the upcoming games The 2015 games will be hosted at the Rogers Centre in Toronto Rogers Centre Formerly known as the SkyDome and purchased and renamed by Rogers Communications Inc. in 2005. Rogers revamped the stadium adding a new daktron replacing the old jumbotron and made the stadium more appealing asthetically and more comfortable to ticketholders. Human Resources Management Benefits and Wealth Accumulation program Training programs Performance Management Payroll Business Conduct/Code of Ethics Employee Satisfaction Rogers Communications conduct almost weekly surveys of their employees at call centres gauging their job satisfaction and opinions. Departmental meetings Internal contests and inventives Company newsletters Overview Divisions in mass media, telecommunications, wireless, cable and internet. 29,200 employees (2008) $4.316 Billion in profits (2009) History 1920 - Ted Rogers Sr. purchases CHFI Radio
1967 - Rogers Cable is founded
1994 - Rogers Media is born
2008 - Ted Rogers Jr. passes away at the age of 75. Corporate Environment Purchases phones, cable boxes, etc.
sells to consumers for a profit Technical and Service issues Employees love working for Rogers Rogers headquarters amenities Environmental Commitments Online Billing
Product Recycling
Energy Efficiency
Green Initiatives Vision "...to be a good business for our customers and shareholders, a good employer for our people and a good neighbour in the community we operate." Value In every aspect of our
business we are making efforts to
reduce our environmental footprint Environmental influence extends
beyond direct operations to purchasing decisions. Span 450+ retail stores in North America
Offices in Moncton, Montreal, Ottawa, GTA, Burnaby Employee Amenities On site gyms
Doctor's office
Massage Therapists/Chiropractor
Dry-cleaning service
Convenience stores
Full service Cafeteria
Tim Hortons Organizational Behaviour Subsystems operating simultaneously to produce quality. Proactive approaches encouraged Must act professionally, represent Rogers in a dignified manner. Values Demonstrated Recommending plans to customers unable to pay bills on time Cable installation In-Store Credit Long distance usage rates discussed Thank you for your time
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