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Mythical Creatures

Library Links, Websites, Apps, Blogs, Online Contests, YouTube videos, Wikipedia and more

Eve Gagne

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Mythical Creatures

Spend more time with one Mythical Creature
by clicking on a link or 'play' button on a video or
to see more websites, blogs, YouTube videos,
how-to-draw tutorials, downloadable apps,
library links, e-books, audio books and podcast sources,
online reading and writing contests and much more! Everything you ever wanted to know
about Mythical Creatures...
but you were afraid to ask! Dragons YouTube Dragon Art Reference Unicorns Mermaid Blog Mermaids References & Definitions Gryphons & Phoenix Winged Horses Library Links Multiple Mythical Beasts fantasy art montage movie clip -Clash of the Titans References & Definitions Dragon Game Apps Dragon Art Contest Drawing a griffin Griffin, Chimera, Dragon
animation sketch drawing a winged horse unicorns and winged horses
movie clip from Disney's Fantasia Reference Websites The Unicorn Song
& fantasy art Mythical Creatures
Phone App Mermaid Game
Phone App Photo Enhancement App Unicorn Game App How to Draw
a Unicorn Gryphon & Phoenix fantasy art Reference Other Sea Creatures References & Definitions Mermaids and Sea Gods
Artists' Montage Mermaids and Sirens
in Art and Illustration Book Reviews Sea Monster fantasy art Historical Perspective
on Sea Monsters eBook Book Reviews Audio Book eBook eBook Podcast Book Reviews A History
of Sea Monsters Sea Monster Sightings Podcasts eBooks Podcast Mythical Beasts
from Other Cultures Chupacabra History Kirin art & how to draw Reference Chimera Image and Reference Reference Websites Couatl
Image & Reference Podcast Mythical Creatures Blogs Museum Exhibit Details In the News... Online Library Resources Reading &
Writing Contests eBook Creator & Publication Applications YALSA Blog Blog Etiquette Social Network Etiquette More Good Stuff to Know Foreign Language Search Guide Subscribe to eNewletters As you explore information and images
of the Mythical Creatures herein,
you will learn their secrets,
and therefore tame the beasts of legend... Click forward to move through this site
and arrive at your favourite Mythical Creature.
Click back to pan out and reset to your current location
or keep clicking to return to a previous location.
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