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Billy Hendrix

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of pk505101

this is a painting of James Oglethorpe James Oglethorpe is the person that founded Georgia James Oglethorpe live in 1702-1785 this is a very old painting of him James Oglethorpe is so famus he even has
his own statue 1732

Adam Anderson
Arthur Bedford
William Belitha
Rev. Richard Bundy
John Burton
Thomas Coram
Edward Digby
Francis Eyles
Rev. Stephen Hales
George Heathcote
(Sir) William Heathcote
Rogers Holland
Robert Hucks
John Laroche
Robert More
James Oglethorpe
John Lord Viscount Perceval (Earl of Egmont)
William Sloper
Rev. Samuel Smith
Chistopher Towers
Thomas Towers
James Vernon
Richard Chandler
James Lord D'Arcy
James Earl of Derby
Thomas Frederick
Sir John Gonson
William Hanbury
Robert Kendall (Sir Robert Cater)
Henry L'Apostre
James Lord Viscount Limerick
John Page
(Sir) Erasmus Phillips
Anthony Ashley Earl of Shaftesbury
John Lord Viscount Tyrconnel
George Tyrer
John White
Henry Archer
Thomas (Lord) Archer
Richard Coope
Hon. Robert Eyre
Rev. (Lord Bishop of Londonderry) Thomas Rundle
(Lord) William Talbot
Robert Tracy
Francis Wollaston
William Wollaston
Sir Jacob Des Bouverie (Lord Viscount Folkstone)
Sir Harry Gough
Roger Burgoyne
Lord Sidney Beauclerk
Henry Bathurst
John Frederick
Philip Perceval
John Barrington
Henry Calthrope
Alexander Hume Cambell
Samuel Tuffnell
(Sir) John Phillips
Velters Cornewall
John Wright
Rev. Thomas Wilson
Francis Cokayne
Samuel Lloyd
Chretian Von Munch
Rev. Samuel Urlsperger
Slingsby Bethel
John Cust
John Earl of Egmont
Anthony Ewer
Edward Hooper
Stephen Theodore Jansen
these are the names of allGeorgia's trustees this was james oglethorpe the day he founded Georgia this is a picture of him when he first came 2 Georgia
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