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Ms. Roach's 2nd Grade Class

No description

Mikaela Roach

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of Ms. Roach's 2nd Grade Class

Ms. Roach's 2nd Grade Class
About Me
My name is Ms. Roach
I was born in Masschusetts
I have a pet fish named Phillip
My favorite color is blue
I love pizza
My family is very important to me
One of my favorite places to go is the beach
Classroom Rules
1. Treat others how you want to be treated
2. Be ready to learn
3. Always try your best
4. Keep your hands to yourself
5. Follow all school rules
Entering the Classroom
1. Come into class quietly
2. Follow the attendance procedure
3. Unpack and put your backpack away
4. Turn in your homework
5. Sit in your seat
6. Be ready to learn
7. Do your morning work
Attendence Procedure
When you first come to class, take the
velcro fish with your name on it and place
it on the board named "Ms. Roach's Learning Tank"
1. In the morning, place your homework in the correct box
2. There will be a box for each subject
3. The homework due for the next day will be written on the board
4. Copy the homework from the board into your planner
5. If your homework is late, put it in the late box.
Attention Procedure
When I need your attention I will raise my hand quietly until everyone copies me.

If you need my attention or have a question, raise your hand quietly.

If we have a class interruption we will say the vocab word, riddle, or quote of the day. We will then go back to our work.
Taking Quizzes or Tests
When we take a quiz or test, each of you will have an "office". The office is made of folders and it will be set up around your desk.
Walking in the Hall
1. Line up behind the line leader
2. Electrician turns the lights off
3. Walk quietly with your hands by your side
4. Stay in line
End of the Day
1. I will tell you when to pack up
2. Gather your materials and make sure all your homework is in your bag
3. Sit quietly at your desk once you have finished packing
4. When I tell you to, line up behind the line leader.
5. Exit the classroom quietly
Each day I will choose a stellar student. You will put the star with your name on the bulletin board. At the end of the week those five students will get to choose from the prize box or they can wait until they have earned stellar student twice and can get a homework pass.
There will be consquences for breaking rules. Your consequence will depend on the rule you break.

1. Time out
2. 5 minutes off of recess
3. Phone call home
4. Visit to office
Topics to Tackle
Math: Counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's, place value, word problems, counting money, telling time, odds and evens, and measurements
English: days of week, months, writing dates, abbreviation, punctuation, capitalization, vowels, compound words, and spelling words with special rules
Science: plants, mammals, insects, reptiles, seasons and weather, humans, and birds
Social Studies: travel, maps, signs, compasses, farms, America, Johnny Appleseed, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and famous buildings,
Let's have a great year! Welcome to 2nd Grade!
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