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2D+3D Photography (04-15-2015)

No description

Günter Waibel

on 14 July 2015

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Transcript of 2D+3D Photography (04-15-2015)

Canvass size: 2.4 square meters
Digital image: 900 megapixels big (or 30,000 x 30,000 pixels)

Quality Control
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

image courtesy of Picturae
Scaling Up:
Scaling Up:
Scaling Up:
Thank you!
@3D_digi_si | @SIxDigi
3d.si.edu | SIxDIGI
Rapid Capture Prototypes
1 Week showcases demonstrating cost-efficient, high-quality, high output digitization
Image by Brendan McCabe
Image by Brendan McCabe
20 years
2 years / $7
4 months / < $1
260,000 x
From Pilots to Production
Smithsonian X Digitization
Günter Waibel @guwa
Director, Digitization Program Office
Office of the Chief Information Officer
Digitization Assessment
Workflows and Dataflows
19 museums & 9 research centers
(plus the National Zoo)
On display
< 1%
~ 2%
138 million collection objects and specimen
16M (12%)
Digital Photography
3D Capture

Rapid Capture for Vast Collections, 3D Digitization for Iconic Objects
Smithsonian X Digitization
350 per day
-> 90,000 per year
Glass Plate Negatives
500 per day
-> 125,000 per year
Photographic Prints
700 per day
-> 175,000 per year
Currency Proof Sheets
200 per day
-> 50,000 per year
200 per day (7 views)
-> 50,000 per year
Flight Instruments
300 per day (3 layers)
Album Cover Paste-ups
Network Infrastructure & Storage
Port-to-Port Gigabit Digitization to DAMS
adding 2 Petabytes storage per year
Systems Integration
Collections-DAMS Integration System (CDIS)
Crowdsourcing Metadata
Smithsonian Transcription Center
Online Access
Smithsonian Collections Search Center
Quality Control
Object-drive resolution
Quality control
Object Driven Resolution
"From the shelf to the public in less than 24 hours"
One Week Rapid Capture Prototypes
DONE: 13,796 objects

Garment Boxes
Done TOTAL: 2,640
Actual Last Week: 587 (+58% from last week)

Ceramic/Porcelain Vases
Done TOTAL: 2,895
Actual Last Week: 584 (+26% from last week)

4,046 Matchsafes
2,492 Ceramic Tiles
1,173 Metalworks
550 Chairs, Furniture, etc

(status week of 03/23/2015)
Goal for Collection Items with
Digital Images
138M (100%)
Goal for Collection Items with
Electronic Records
210,000 objects
5 digitization pipelines
2 years
download: http://dpo.si.edu/blog
Ken Rahaim
Digitization Program Officer
Last Week
Coming up
Tomorrow: Vincent Rossi on Smithsonian X 3D
1903 Wright Flyer on 3D.SI.EDU
3D Portrait President Obama
coming soon to: https://www.youtube.com/user/SmithsonianDPO
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