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Argumentative essay

No description

Amir Brunson

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Argumentative essay

Argumentative essay
By: Amir Brunson
People say the world is small but social media is even smaller.There is a myriad of people that you can meet without sharing any personal information.While social media be abused,It brings the world together.
you can make friends on social media and forms long lasting relationships.
Some people are a shamed of their real world appearance.They kill their sorrow by changing the way they look.As the writer of making friends online said,"online you can be whoever you want to be,or just be yourself"."This allows people to practice their social skills in an anonymous setting"
For example,my friends jimmy as socially awkward,when he joined Facebook,he became a social butterfly and gained popularity.
Reason 1
Reason 2
Reason 3
Most people don't like to share personal information.Sharing personal information is a down side about making friends in real life such as giving your name where you stay.When
making friends on social media it much easier
.Such as my friend Ayden he is an inside person and does not like to share personal information so when he got into social media he loved it.
Most people are busy so going out to the movies can be hassle.Meeting up with people is can jeopardize your safety with social media you have a choice to show the your face via Face cam,Face time,and Skype etc...social
media is way better in terms of keeping your personal information safe from random people.
Opposing Claim
Concluding section
On the other hand,supporters of not making friends online says that "friends who exist only on a computer screen do not provide the companionship necessary to sustain friendships".However,even though they only exist on a computer screen.
Making friends on the internet helps with your social skills . it also helps with typing skills and your technology skills!
you can find a lot of friends on the internet who have the same interest as you and you can talk back and forth.
Even though social media has become a part of every day lives,it is our responsibility to be responsible for our actions on social media such as posting negative comments about people.This concludes my essay on
can you make friends online and my verdict is yes you can.
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