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Creepy Crawlies Unit Plan

CIEE 3323

Lyndsey Kubos

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Creepy Crawlies Unit Plan

Lyndsey Walters
Sabrina Starr
Dana Valentine
Alex Brown
Kaleigh Uherek Math Science English Social Studies Art Critter Hunt Create a map from
their scavenger hunt. Create
caterpillar Students create
their own
story book Create a
using a
variety of colors Summative Assessment: Formative Assessment: Unit Book from daily exit sheets Identify similarities
and differences between
insects Identify safe from
unsafe insects. Identify tools Think, Pair, Share

Task Observations Hands- on activities
Verbal Directions Learning Theory Goals Rationale Students
need to be
familiar with
their surroundings
which include insects and their life styles. Additional Theme
Components Class Critters
with Student
Responsibilities Butterfly Farm
Ant Farm
Insect Terrarium
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