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"Castells", the Catalan human towers.

This is a simple presentation addressed to English speaking children (5 and 6 years olds). Aquesta presentació tan esquemàtica va dirigida a nens anglòfons d'entre 5 i 6 anys.

Mònica Samarra

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of "Castells", the Catalan human towers.

The castells started more than 200 years ago in Catalonia.
What is a "castell"?
A "castell" (which means "castle" in Catalan) is a human tower built traditionally in festivals at many locations within Catalonia.
The "castell"
Every "castell"
has three
main parts:
"La pinya":
as the pine cone, they have to stick together to make the "castell" stronger!
"El tronc":
the trunk is the most visible part of the "castell" can be many levels high.
"El pom de dalt":
The last three levels are assembled by the youngest of the group.
The "castellers"
are dressed with:
the "colla" ´s
a black sash
white trousers
a bandana
every team has its own colour
As the "castle" grows,
the band plays
the "Toc de castells".
Their instruments are:
la gralla
el tabal
Since last year, the Catalan Human Towers (Castells) are one of UNESCO'sIntangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
team effort
spirit of self-improvement
Maybe it's time to see them in action!
Hope you've enjoyed it! See you soon!
Do you want to know more about them?
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