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Tayven Ibiam

No description

lib hist

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of Tayven Ibiam

First African-American medal of honor receptiant
Served in the 53 Massachusetts regment (all black)
William McKinley awarded it to him in
Mary Walker
First women to be awarded the Medal of Honor
Awarded by Andrew Johnson
Awarded in 1865
She has an apartment complex named after her

Both served in the civil war
Both have buildings named after them
Both were awarded the Medal of Honor
Both were the first at being awarded the Medal of Honor
Both showed valor
Mary Walker
Mary Walker crossed the enemy's line to save her own people from dying and was captured but was later released. In my opinion I think that Mary Walker is very brave, courageous, she crossed the enemies line to go and help her own people and during the process she was taken as a prisoner but was later released in an exchange.
William Carney
William Carney showed bravery by rescuing the flag even though it wasn't his job. He also was severely wounded twice while falling back. His valor and courage made him a representitive of those who died.
Tayven Ibiam
Avery Leasure

William Carney
Mary Walker

William Carney
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