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Importance of Ladder Safety

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Kodi Ewoldt

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Importance of Ladder Safety

Ladder Placement
Ladder must be in a dry area away from any slipping hazards.
Importance of Ladder Safety
Never place ladders in front of a door that will open towards the ladder.
Ladders should always be placed on the ground.
Ladders should never be placed on portable/unstable bases.
Only place ladders on level surfaces.
Never place ladders near power lines.
Non-self-supporting ladders need to be positioned at an angle where the horizontal distance from the top support to the foot of the ladder is 1/4 the working length of the ladder.
Never use the top step of a ladder!
The top of the ladder must exceed the working surface by 3 feet.
Ladder Inspections
What to look for:
Missing or loose steps
Loose nails, screws, or bolts
Sharp edges
Corrosion or rust
Missing identification labels
When to inspect ladder
When first purchased
Before each use
After ladder has fallen or been dropped.
"Dont's of ladder inspection"
Don't make temporary or makeshift repairs
Never attempt to straighten bent rungs.
Using the Right Ladder
When a ladder must be placed near a power line, be sure that the ladder is a non conductive material.

Examples are wooden or fiberglass.
When working in areas where the ground could be wet, make sure the base of the ladder has slip resistant feet equipped.
Proper Care
Clean the climbing and gripping surfaces if they have been subjected to oil, grease or other slippery materials.
Storage racks for ladders not in use should have sufficient supporting points to avoid sagging which can result in warping the ladder
Proper Use of Stepladder
A step ladder should only be used if it is capable of being completely spread apart with the spreaders fully extended.
In order to prevent tipping the ladder, the user must climb or work with the body near the middle of the steps.
In the process of ascending or descending the ladder, be sure to always face the ladder while maintaining a firm hand hold.
Heat Exposure
Ladders exposed to excessive heat have a high risk of reduced strength.
After any circumstance of severe heat exposure, a ladder should be properly disposed of.
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