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Teddy Gonzalez Gonzalez

on 13 December 2010

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Transcript of Bauxite

Bauxite About Bauxite Color: Browns, Blacks, Grays, and shades of White. Hardness: 1 to 3 Luster: A dull, earthy color Mineral cleavage/fracture: White, gray, yellow, brown, and red. Streak: White Crystal System: Disapore, (orthohmic), Gibbsite, ( Bauxite Color: Brown, Black, Gray, White Hardness: 1-3 Luster: dull, Earthy color Cleavage/Fracture: White, Gray, Yellow, Red, Brown Bauxite Color: Brown, Black, Gray, and White Hardness: 1-3 Luster: dull, earth color Cleavage: White, Gray, Yellow, Red, and Brown Streak: White Crystal System: Disapore,(orthohomic), Gibbsite(monclinic), and Boehmite. World Connections Australia:
Australia is one of the biggest places for Bauxite to be mined. Les Baux, France:
Bauxite was first discovered in Les Baux, France. (Hence the name "Baux"ite. America:
In America, Bauxite is used for face make-up, sodacans, and dishwashers The Atomic Structure of Bauxite Uses of Bauxite

1.) Bauxite is used in facial make-up. It is first ground into tiny pieces, the crushed in with the other chemicals.

2.) Bauxite is also used in Cement. It is crushed into little rocks, and mixed in to the rest of the cement mixture.

3.) Bauxite is also used in sodacans. First, the iron ore is extracted from the Bauxite, then turned into aluminum, which is then made into the sodacan. History of Bauxite:

Found: Bauxite was first found in 1821 in Les Baux, France. (unknown discoverer)

Changed history: Bauxite changed history because of the aluminum manufactured after the discovery. Bauxite is used in almost all metal/aluminum

Historical events: In 1899, in Arkansas, they produced 1,720 tons of ore that year from mining bauxite. Bauxite careers:

1.) Mining
Some minors, (mostly in India and Australia) mine for bauxite.

2.) Cement Makers
Bauxite is crushed into small pieces and used inside of cement.

3.) facial makeup
Bauxite is ground into very little pieces, then combined with the other chemical/ingrediants to help make facial makeup. Bauxite inpacts on Earth:

1.) Mining impact
Mining Bauxite is very important to us. (being one of the most valuable mineral reserves a country can have) Bauxite is used in soft drink cans, and mining for Bauxite needs to keep up with the demands. But while mining Bauxite is very important, it is very harmful to our only Earth.

2.) Bauxite DEATH!!
Bauxite minors are at risk of dying while minig for this mineral. Minors can die due to the caves caving in, or breathing in too much dust/rock ash.

3.) Bauxite Enviornment
Bauxite is extremely harmful to the enviornment because when mining Bauxite, it destructs habitats, causes soil erosion, and leaves behinsd ugly, plain strips of land.

4.) Bauxite Tailings
Bauxite mining causes severe pollution to rivers and lakes that are near the mine site.
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