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SCI Social Media Strategy

No description

Lynne Andrews

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of SCI Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites with a platform comprised of company information, photo albums, pages (links to other sites or SM networks), followers, and a news feed
A landing page is offered for business accounts, so that you can appeal to your market without overwhelming them with information
The news feed is the main source of networking. It is free to reach a percentage of your followers. In order to reach the full percentage of your followers, you must pay to have “sponsored” updates
Business accounts cannot access personal information like personal accounts (Pardot can give us contact information of visitors to our site) Posts written by us will show up on our "timeline"-such as shared links to news on our website When followers write something to us in a Post it will go here. A variety of options for "pages" "About" gives company information such as a description, address and other options Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting
A "Tweet" is 140 characters or shorter with #hashtags included to track trends & conversations
Tweets consist of short stories, photos, videos & links with replies of conversation threads.
#hashtags are an easy way for someone to join the conversation and get in on the trend Our view of people we are "following" tweets The view of our "profile page"- what our "followers" see Where we stand Over 200 million professionals use LinkedIn to create a free online profile, connect with colleagues and discover breaking news and professional insights
Company Pages are free and connect your business with millions of professionals
Easily post status updates, stay top of mind with your followers, build product/service recommendations and promote career opportunities through a LinkedIn Company Page
Analytics can be used to find out who’s visiting your page, who’s attracted to your company and what visitors and followers are interested in learning about you Refreshed and frequently updated content here will serve as a tool to recruit the best talent in the industry Agenda Definitions & explanations of mainstream social media (SM) networks
What success in healthcare social media looks like
What our competitors are doing in the "social media sphere"
Where we currently stand
Recommendations with goals and strategies for each SM network to promote brand awareness, open conversation with clients & prospects and promote SCI's Internal Values Campaign to the healthcare industry and beyond Twitter Strategy Established Twitter and LinkedIn give us a great opportunity for fast growth
Twitter- 297 followers
LinkedIn- 238 followers Examples of our followers:
American Journal of Managed Care
Healthcare IT News
Health & Technology News
Yakima Regional
Children's Hospital of Michigan
Physician's Regional Healthcare System
HL7 Standards
IntakeCMS Goals
Create brand awareness among healthcare industry and brand loyalty among clients
Embrace and promote SCI's Internal Values Campaign
Use open conversations to monitor public opinion and control the message
Integrate all marketing efforts including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, Health IT Social, email marketing, webinars, tradeshows, events and website with measurable tracking Long Term Goals Reach 750 Facebook followers within 12 months of launch
Double Twitter followers within 12 months of refresh launch
Reach 50 Blog subscribers within 12 months of launch
Reach 50 YouTube subscribers within 12 months of launch
Double LinkedIn subscribers within 12 months of refresh launch Overview of Strategies Create a Facebook
Create a Health IT Social
Create a YouTube
Create a monthly Blog
Refresh content on Twitter & LinkedIn
Follow all clients
Cross-reference all SM networks in posts to grow fan base
Monitor popularity of posts and growth of fans with Google Analytics & Pardot Social Package
Improve upon posts to successfully gain more critical fans Clearly visible activity tracking is standard Refresh content and graphics
Tweets will consist of invitations to webinars, updates on industry or company news and photos & graphics
Follow all current clients & cross-reference other SM networks with easy access links
Post 2-3 times weekly
Hashtags: #SCI, #improvinghealthcare, #SCISolutions, #healthcaresolutions, #healthIT
A temporary “check-in” feature during tradeshows to promote increased followers and open sharing

Two months after current clients are followed - we will re-evaluate to see if “sponsored” (paid) posts are necessary to reach a larger audience Graphics to match new website
"Pages"/links to all other SM networks & SCI website
Follow all current clients to grow brand recognition
Post 2-3 times weekly
Contests to drive promotion of events and increase fan base (ex- giveaways to likes or replies to posts)
Cross-referencing posts to gain followers across multiple networks

Two months after current clients are followed - we will re-evaluate to see if “sponsored” (paid) posts are necessary to reach a larger audience Blog Strategy Will live on the website homepage with links in all social media
One blog topic will be covered each month
Internal guest bloggers will be assigned a topic, given specific guidelines on how to write the blog, suggested length, tone of voice recommendations and graphic guidelines
Comment sections will be available for all blog posts with regular monitoring to confront or delete negative comments
Estimated cost: $2,675 Refresh "About SCI" & graphics
Post twice monthly thought leadership pieces, such as industry and company news to draw attention
Regular monitoring of visitors
Essential tool to attract the most talented healthcare IT professionals YouTube Strategy Editing 2012 Client Innovation Summit videos
Organize videos by solutions
Graphics & video editing by Meritus Design
Post monthly videos after initial launch
Free SEO with keyword descriptions of videos
Future videos of demos, events, company lifestyle, etc LinkedIn Strategy YouTube is the second most used internet search engine
Paid searches are available, but keyword usage is crucial to videos being discovered
Company YouTube "channels" can post company information and videos
A company "channel" will only have company videos, no other viral videos
Healthcare companies post videos of tradeshows & events, product demonstrations, conversations with executives, client testimonials and HR/interview opportunities Tracking Capabilities Tradeshows & events Corporate Lifestyle Video posts from YouTube Stock Photos with Customized Branding Specialized Graphics for Events, Holidays & Announcements YouTube Channels Present a Variety of Information in a Variety of Ways Pardot Social Package $300/month- tracking and automated posting
Paid posts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube begin at $0.01 per click- varies greatly depending on chosen audience and duration of campaign Community forum for health IT & home base for all social media networks
Free vendor profiles to monitor public opinion, participate in conversations & offer solutions and share unique thought leadership content
"Groups" for communities of current clients & employees
Unique tool that builds relationships with target market of health IT professionals
Tracking of keyword usage for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Free profile with company information and details on our solutions
Home base for all SM networks activity with easy access links
Share original content twice a month
Create groups for clients and employees and encourage discussion
Monitor open conversation for opportunities to give links to solutions pages Health IT Social Strategy Why Social Media? Free and easy way to reach an engaged audience
Gather market intelligence and monitor public opinion
Ability to control the message and ease of sharing
Open conversations to build relationships and create a brand loyal, brand loving client base
YouTube is the #2 most used search engine
Great tool to build brand awareness
Standard free tracking of visitors with most business pages Competitors have easy homepage access Homepage tracks all industry social media, news and blogs Facebook Strategy Most SM business pages give free metrics with reports on popularity of posts and growth of fans
Google Analytics Social Reports is free and gives detailed statistics with monetary value of clicks on posts Paid Options Free Options Summary & Future Plans Two month test periods will help monitor, research and improve upon activities to increase fan base
First phase of social media is completely free
If we do not gain a significant following during each two month period a re-evaluation is suggested to discuss paying for sponsored posts
Evaluation of Health IT Social members and traffic will guide future TCV calculations
Future employee groups will grow internal community
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