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Latin Words

No description

Zachary Ladowski

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Latin Words

By : Zachary Ladowski Unit 4 Latin Words Adj.
Def. Of or like a King or Queen
Antonym- Peasant
Synonym – Royal
In the medieval times there where many regal kings and queens in the European countries. Regal Noun
Authority: rule
Antonym- servitude
Synonym- power
After the new queen caught a deadly disease, so her reign lasted only a month. Reign Noun
The murder of a king
Antonym- alive
Synonym- murder
In the early ages it was easier to commit regicide because there where not as much protection, but now it is a different story. Regicide Verb
To find guilty
Antonym- acquit
Synonym- criminal
Despite the evidence against him, Herman wouldn't admit that he committed a crime; the jury convicted him away. Convict Adj.
Winning or succeeding
Antonym- losing
Synonym- successful
After the victorious win our team had a party. Victorious Verb
To force or leave
Antonym- welcome
Synonym- chase out
An aggressive intruder evicted the smaller birds from its nest. Evict Possessive Adj.
Wanting to own or control; jealous
Antonym- generous
Synonym- Greedy
Maria was very possessive of her toys and wouldn’t let her little sister play with them. Adj.
Very strong or powerful
Antonym- weak
Synonym- Compelling
The snakes venom was quick and potent; it could kill a person in less then 10 minutes. Potent Adj.
Rule all; all-powerful
Antonym- powerless
Synonym- almighty
King Charles I believed he was omnipotent, but he was overthrown and executed. Omnipotent Domestic Adj.
Having to do with the home
Antonym- Foreign
Synonym- home
Harold felt that domestic task like dishwashing were beneath him. Verb
To rule completely
Antonym- Serve
Synonym- Command
During World War 2 Hitler Dominated most of Eastern Europe. Dominate Noun
An area ruled or controlled
Antonym- free land
Synonym- territory
The Dominion of the last Russian Czars was enormous, covering millions of square miles Dominion Noun
A Home
Antonym- non-house
Synonym- abode
Since the house been abandoned for many years and has become a domicile to the opossums and raccoons. Domicile Credits:
Latin and Greek Roots: A study of word families The End
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