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EPCAS Sales Presentation

Presentation EPCAS 26/01/2010

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Transcript of EPCAS Sales Presentation

Passion 2007 1st International Platform meeting
`learning from eachother and share data&statistics 23/01/2007
1st Official EPCAS Meeting
MECC Maastricht established : as quality brand membership criteria influence European education & inventory vocational education Structure EPCAS Foundation service level agreement servicecenter HT The policy & role suppliers bring knowledge not only money! Transparency in EU
catering market Target for EPCAS Future passion focus benefits Management Project
Students Hotel Management School How to beat the crisis? multi-branding reinventing your company
uniqueness foodtainment reinventing service European tenders crisis&costs burgerdog service centre homework Detailed budget
Accesible website
Member visits&new members
Prepare working conference 2010 Focus together Build trust & Understanding
become friends EPAS Board Service Centre You meeting 6x per year Info News company Going abroad? Events Tenders Media Dare to Share Benefits Sharing knowledge & best practices Achievements press 2011 1st Flamish-Dutch
Party Catering Conferene 2015
1st European party catering conference EPCAS Worldwide image will you help us to realize our dream? The leading portal website Branding by member ' Print & Screen authority Benchmarking members related branches 4x p/a
Top newsletter for whole industry data&knowledge bank research opportunities EURO CODE HOTREC
MR.GEYER Mexican Flu MR. KANDELS Toine Manders VAT database & international contacts Libbey Thuner seespiele Chris Bigelow EFFF
Karl Traiteur 1871 Branding EPCAS Turkey/Istanbul
JULY 09 Best practice 2x 'get together' p/a Personal Interviews

- Need for European body
-Business opportunties, not a service club
- Suppliers info; Eurocode
research, Hygiene/Health and Ethical Code Need for website! &influencing European legistation misset catering Horeca magazine 2008 2009 2010 History
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