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Mission Santa Barbara

No description

Leslie Urquia

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Mission Santa Barbara

Mission Santa Barbara By : Leslie Urquia
Mission Church and Bell Church
Mission Compound
Mission Santa Barbara had other buildings like, the Granary, Workers quarters, Orchards, Workshops, Padre's Quarters , Lavanderia, Pottery, Cemetery, Reserve and a fountain.The missions patio was surrounded by a quadrangle with the patio in the middle .Some of the crops the mission grew are grapevines , 100 fruit trees and corn The mission also had cattle, sheep,goats, pigs,mules and horses.
People and Daily life
The Chumash indians always had to work at the mission .One thing they did was they inhabited the area .The Santa Barbara Mission was known for making adobes,tiles , shoes and woolen garments.
Mission Santa Barbara is the 10th out of the 21 California missions .This mission is California Historic Landmark No.309.It was established on December 4,1786 by Father Fermin Lasuen Franciscan. It is located 220 miles north of San Diego on a hill about a mile from the Pacific Ocean. The mission was also called ''The Queen of the Missions.''

Santa Barbara Mission's church was made out of blocks of yellow sandstone and they also made sea shells with a tile roof. The church's features has interior walls. It also has designs of Garlands and Angels. The mission's bell wall is 87 feet and 20 feet square. There were 8 bells in 1883 then 3 bells were added.

One of the hardships Santa Barbara had to go through was earthquakes.One earthquake hit Santa Barbara in 1812.After the earthquake the mission was rebuilt and directed by Father Antonio Pipoll.
The Mission Today
The mission today is used for school,church,ceremonies,and as a museum.The mission has been rebuilt because of an earthquake.
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