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Study Skills & Test Taking

No description

Brianna Tate

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Study Skills & Test Taking

By: Brianna Tate
Tiana Rosario
Fausto RoJas Study Skills
Test Taking Know what you are being tested on
Make sure to gather ALL materials (such as worksheets and other paperwork that have been given out prior to the test)
Ask your teacher/professor what chapters and specific material you need to study to avoid studying the wrong material

If you have extra time , use it for studying if the test is in the near future Remember SQ3R:
Survey: Scan your book for the most important things (They may be in bold, italics, or something else that makes it stand out)
Question: Make practice questions and DO NOT write the answers
Read: Skim your material or read it actively
Recite: Answer your questions you have previously written down (Hint: Talk out loud! Overcome your reluctance to hear yourself speaking up loud !)
Review: Review this process until you have it down. While reviewing try to associate test items with things that mean something to you, the trick is finding something to hook the story on. Test Anxiety Study in a secluded place that is JUST for studying
Examples: Library or Starbucks
If you are home: Kitchen Table, Living room, desk.. Etc. Study In a Group
Pick a quiet place where you and a few classmates can go and not be interrupted
This allows for you to go over things you might not understand and help a friend that might be struggling in the area you are familiar with. Multiple Choice Essay Short
Answer Types of
Questions Cramming- preparing for an examination by memorizing information within a short period of time. DO NOT: wait until the last day and cram before a test Make Sure to Study Early to avoid cramming Study Skills Where to Study ? How to Study ? Use index cards to write down
important vocabulary
Make a review sheet and give yourself
mini tests & quizzes
Write a brief report that summarizes
everything you have learned Tips To Remember Get rid of all the distractions!
Cell phone (texting, IM)
Social Networking
Make studying fun by creating games to play such as Jeopardy or Who Wants to be a Millionaire with questions related to the subject.
If you are a person who remembers song lyrics , put your study material into the form of a song to help you remember information more effectively. Knowing the Test

Knowing how to answer these
questions will give you a better opportunity to earn a higher grade. Multiple Choice Questions Read the question before you look at the answer
Come up with the answer in your head before looking at the possible answers
Eliminate the answers you KNOW aren’t right
Read all the choices before choosing your answer
If there is no guessing penalty, Always take an educated guess
Don’t keep on changing your answer, your first answer is usually the right one
Usually, the correct answer is the choice with the most information. Short Answer Questions Try to anticipate questions that will be asked on
the test prepare for them
Try not to leave an answer blank
Slowly write down something because you will
most likely receive partial credit
Re-read the question to make sure you answered all the parts

*Note: Some short answers have more than one question Essay Questions Make sure that you understand what the question is asking you (If you're not sure ask the professor)
Write down everything that is asked of you and more.
Write lengthy paragraphs
Write as NEATLY and legibly as possible.
Don’t write long introduction and conclusion paragraphs, most of your answer should be answering the question being asked
Focus on one main idea per paragraph Test anxiety is a psychological condition in which a person experiences distress before, during, or after a test or other assessment to such an extent that this anxiety causes poor performance or interferes with normal learning. Causes Effects Stress Pressure to do
well Expectations of
Family& Friends Lack of
preparation Heath Grades Cognitive impairments on attention and/or memory
skills Symptoms Butterflies in the stomach
Queasiness or nausea
Severe headaches
A faster heartbeat
Shaking & sweating During the exam itself, students who are overcome with test anxiety can experience the sensation of “going blank,” that is, being unable to remember what they actually know Strategies For Combating Test Anxiety During
Test Before
Test Stay focused Stay Relaxed Stretch your muscles Eat healthy foods Study Get enough sleep Take a long, deep breath and slowly exhale to restore your breathing to a normal level Test anxiety can often be subject related.
Student who are not good in a particular subject such as Math or English often say phrases like "I'm horrible at math" or "I cant write well" Subject Specific Some students might do well on a classroom examination , however have anxiety only towards standardized tests such as SAT and ACT
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