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Carter Montgomery

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Rapunzel

Gender Ideals
Musical Elements
Songs must be strategically placed at emotional high points, those key moments where dialogue is no longer enough.
At the heart of the story is Rapunzel, a freshly minted heroine who morphs from prisoner to strong-willed seeker of her own destiny. Blondes have not had a good rap, usually played them up as the ditzes and airheads of cliche. Rapunzel's no-nonsense attitude,
Role Comparison
Main female character: gorgeous, long blond hair, saved by man, thin
Character Comparison
King & Queen
Mother Gothel
Stabbington Twins
"The Pub Thugs"
Fairy Tale Comparison AP Literature 2013-2014
Mother & Father

Citation Page
Rapunzel is the Lost Princess. She just doesn't know it yet. She is talented in art, which helps her realize who she is. She is sheltered and told that everyone in the "outside" world (the one outside of the tower) just wants her hair and the magical abilities it possesses.
King & Queen of Corona
Rapunzel's parents in Tangled are more communicative. They send up lanterns every year on her birthday. They seem more "parent-like" than in the original story.
Mother & Father
Not much is said about Rapunzel's parents of the original story other than the fact that the mother needed rampion and the father was willing to give up their unborn daughter for it. Great parents, right?
*All photos are of public domain.
Alterations of the Plot
Her mother & father practically GAVE her away and didn't search for her.
Her mother & father got her STOLEN, and flew lanterns as their "search."
had a Prince
Thief (no royalty at all)
Enchantress wanted someone to love
Enchantress wanted what Rapunzel had
Rapunzel was shut in the tower at 12
shut in the tower her whole life
Prince heard her singing & was drawn
Thief needed a place to hide
AKA Dame Gothel
AKA Flynn Rider
Found out about man, cut her hair &
threw her away into the desert
Found out about man, Mother Gothel
tries to kill Eugene, tries to keep Rapunzel
in the tower, Eugene cuts her hair.
Rapunzel, twins & Prince go to the Prince's
kingdom & live "for a long time afterwards,
happy and contented"
Rapunzel & Eugene move to her kingdom to
marry & live "happily ever after!"
Rapunzel never sees her parents again
she is reunited with her parents
Mother Gothel
Dame Gothel
Mother Gothel loves Rapunzel. That is, her hair. She is an old, greedy woman. However, she
The enchantress in the original story is lonely. She can't have kids. The lady next door whose husband keeps stealing from her garden is expecting a child. She catches him in the act and demands for the child in return for all the rampion the mother can eat.
AKA Flynn Rider
Eugene is a thief who steals the lost princess's tiara. He is
The Prince
Following the melody, he reaches a tower. Cue Rapunzel. He falls in love instantly and asks for her hand. They "hang out." He brings her a piece of silk everytime he comes and Rapunzel makes a ladder to escape. After finding out that Rapunzel was thrown out of the tower, he tries to commit suicide but only blinds himself. He wanders the forest until one day, he hears a familiar tune. Cue Rapunzel. Cue happy ending.
Stabbington twins
With no parallel characters in the original story, these men play the role of antagonists in the movie Tangled. They are drafted to
help Mother Gothel play out a plan to get Rapunzel back to trusting her. They agree because it promises revenge against Eugene (who stole the tiara from them). They serve as holding the gloominess of Rapunzel's life. They serve as the lies and deceit that comes with Mother Gothel.
As another character with no parallel, Pascal plays the part of Rapunzel's best friend as well as her protector. He shows his protectiveness when Eugene shows up as well as on the journey Rapunzel & Eugene go along to visit the kingdom. He serves as one of the
driving forces that gets Rapunzel out of the tower. Mother Gothel kicks him to the side when she ties up Rapunzel and stabs Eugene. He is the one who quickens the inevitable death of Mother Gothel, by tripping her to which she falls out the window.
Maximus, with no parallel, is a big-hearted palace horse who searches for Eugene. When he finds him, Eugene is accompanied by Rapunzel, who tells
Maximus that Eugene is needed for her journey. She befriends the horse. Maximus is a horse but has a personality more similar to a dog. He serves as a driving force to get Rapunzel to the kingdom to see the lanterns.
"The Pub Thugs"
This group of men (Hookhand, Vladamir, Atilla, Ulf, Shorty, Big Nose, Gunther, Tor, Greno, Innkeeper, Axel, Bruiser, Killer, Fang, Pirate Thug, Goat Boy) play a vital part in the movie, Tangled, even though they
are minor characters. They assist in
Why They Alter the Plot
In order to add more to the story other than
"a girl waiting in her tower to be saved," the writers of Tangled wrote in multiple other characters and went more in depth with the characters that already existed. They also wanted to make it more modern so viewers could relate to it more than a normal "fairy tale."
In order to create a dynamic duo (Rapunzel & Eugene) that people can relate to, it was important to create a real, flowing story. How do they meet, how do they fall in love, how do they end up? Make it a love story, but of the real world.
With Eugene as the thief of the princess's tiara and on the run, needing a place to hide with a tower standing right in front of him, they meet on odd circumstances: frying pan to the head. This relates to the original story because Rapunzel in both stories we surprised by the presence of a man (not her "Mother.")

It definitely was not a love at first site sort of deal. Since this was the first man Rapunzel had ever seen she was frightened at first, but on their journey to go see the "floating lights" is when they begin to fall in love. However in the original, she was still frightened at first, but when the king's son was nice to her and asked her to marry him; she did not ask questions because she knew he could love her more than Dame Gothel could.
How They End Up in Tangled
When Rapunzel goes with the enchantress in the original story, she is a payment for the stolen
rampions. Her parents don't go & search for her, or fight to keep her. The father was petrified that the enchantress had found him stealing in her garden & when she asked for the baby that his wife was carrying in return. She wanted Rapunzel because she wanted company. However, in Tangled, Rapunzel was stolen from the King & Queen
because of Rapunzel's hair's powers. Mother Gothel (in Tangled) desires what Rapunzel had (the magical power).
The father agrees. With the child, she lives in the forest, in a secluded tower. When she finds out about the
by Austin Braun, Carter Montgomery, & Cheyenne Poole
The symbolism behind the fact that Eugene cuts her hair should tell you everything. All of Rapunzel’s life the only person who she ever knew to love her, didn’t actually love her, but she loved her hair. Gothel was always shown looking, talking to and kissing Rapunzel’s hair,
The music says what their restrained words cannot, showing just how much each is attracted to the other.
"When words fail, music speaks."
in Tangled, Rapunzel defies authority, shuts down male ego and charts her own course. She's not only a great role model for kids, she's a gutsy, independently minded, value-added blonde.
Male: brown eyes, brown hair, pompus and prideful, depicted as heroic
"Other Female:" usually depicted as "evil", have access to magical abilities, usually has selfish desires, sometimes even an older woman.
however, reminds us that the blondes are not to be trifled with. As reimagined
looking out for him. He grew up poor and in an orphanage, so he had to be selfish in order to survive, which is why he turned to thieving. This moment is the moment where everything changes. It is the one time in his life that he puts someone else first. He is setting her free. Her hair were her chains and now that it's gone, she is liberated. Her constant reminder of her captivity is now replaced with her constant reminder that she is free.
and not really ever Rapunzel herself. Eugene, on the other hand, fell in love with Rapunzel the PERSON. He saw her as another human being, and he saw her heart. That is why he cut her hair - her hair didn’t matter to him because the magic was INSIDE her. He knew that and
thus knew that even as he died, she would live a happy life because of how beautiful she is on the inside. He makes the selfless decision with the little bit of strength that he has, to risk his own life in order to save Rapunzel. But more importantly: Eugene was selfish his entire life - mainly because nobody was ever
Dame Gothel in the original story cuts Rapunzel's hair after finding out about the prince's secret visits. She is pained at the disloyalty and thus acts out by taking away what makes Rapunzel, Rapunzel: her hair. The cutting of her hair symbolizes the loss of femininity and the loss of virginity.
Communication with Rapunzel's parents is a major difference in the two tellings of Rapunzel. In the original story, there is no mention of the parents after they gave her up. In Tangled, however, her parents are the King & Queen and they send up lanterns every year on Rapunzel's birthday, hoping that she will return. In the end, Rapunzel is reunited with her parents.
Rapunzel & Eugene get married. Rapunzel gets to be with her parents. Eugene finds his place next to Rapunzel.
How They End Up in the Original
Rapunzel and the Prince and their children move to the Prince's kingdom, where they are welcomed, even after years of not being present.
Rapunzel is very sheltered, she does not even have the company of a little chameleon. Also, unlike the Disney version, while she is in the tower she sings to herself whereas Rapunzel in the Disney version paints.
on the run from a palace horse and finds a tower to hide in. Cue Rapunzel. Eugene starts to fall in love with Rapunzel and changes his ways. He saves her and she saves him. They fall in love more. They reunite with her parents. He asks her to marry him in the later year. Cue happy ending.
The Prince is going through the forest when he hears a beautiful song being sung.
has a point (however twisted it is). The plant that revived the queen and gave Rapunzel the magical hair powers was discovered by her and thus
hers; the queen "took" it from her and the only logical way to keep young is to steal the girl with the plant's powers. She comes to an "unfortunate" death and crumbles to ashes.
visiting prince, she gets mad, cuts off Rapunzel's hair and banishes her to the desert. When the Prince returns, she
takes the hair of Rapunzel and tricks him up the tower and she tells him that he will never see her again. There is no mention of her again.
the jailbreak of Eugene which in turn saves both Eugene and Rapunzel. They add a comedic level to the story because who would ever NOT want to see manly-men dancing and singing about their dreams, in a place called the Snuggly Duckling? Silly men.
the end
Little kids don't have a long attention span, but songs hold their attention better than dialogue after dialogue. It adds a level of emotion that isn't available with JUST words.
She is a freshly minted heroine who morphs from prisoner to strong-willed seeker of her own destiny. Rapunzel defies authority (her mother) and shuts down male ego (Eugene) at the same time that she charts her own course.
Ex. Mother Knows Best &
I See the Light
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