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Reformation Theme Park

No description

on 10 May 2016

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Transcript of Reformation Theme Park

Reformation Theme Park
Landmark Building
Protestant ride
In the Protestant ride, this is a big ride! You go through rooms of fire and drop backwards to avoid being burnt.. try not to get burnt by Mary for heretics! Good Luck! (Big ride)

Mary-Go-Round- this is a small ride,great for kids! (Small ride)

Bloody Bar- Come relax and have a drink! We have Bloody Mary specials 24/7! (Restaurant)

Bloody Mary roller coaster- This is another big ride! You are traveling through a dark room and Bloody Mary pops out and scares you at random times. (Big ride)

Flamin hot- This restaurant serves very spicy wings. We burn the wings to represent the people who were burnt by Mary. (Restaurant)

Indulgences- This ice cream is heaven in a cone! This indulgence is heaven in a cup because you actually go to heaven if you eat it! (Concession)

Mary's throne shop- sells throne key chains because Mary gets the throne. (Concession)

Church and Spirits- sells spiritual items, bones on necklaces, you get a specific saint’s bone depending on your personality. (Concession)

Protestant Room- Fire room (represents Tiki room in Disney) performs fire tricks (this is because 300 protestants were burnt) (Small ride)

Dunk the Heretics- People who were suspected of heresy would be tortured. One way of torture can be drowning the person. This is what the dunk tank represents. (Small ride)
Mary- Go- Round
Calvin Land
(Concession) Fortune Teller - Heaven or Hell Find out your destiny of heaven or hell. It is pre-decided, so don't even try to change you destiny. It has been chosen especially for you since the moment that you were born.
Bloody Bar
(Concession) Calvin Outfitters - If your Calvinist robes are worn out or it simply don't fit anymore this is just the place for you! We sell your everyday plain Calvinist robes.
(Concession) Ticket Booth - Come and buy your one-way ticket to Scotland to join John Knox in the religious rebellion.
Bloody Mary ride
(Restaurant) Calvin's Cafe - If you want a plain meal or snack, this is perfect for you. We serve a variety of plain foods such as, rice, toast, and pita bread.
Flamin hot (people.. jk wings)
Ice Cream Indulgences
(Heaven in a cone!)
Mary's Throne Shop
(Restaurants) Calvin's Campbell's Soup - Come and enjoy a nice bowl of Calvin's plain ol' chicken broth! Just a little something plain!

Church and Spirits
Protestant Room
(Small Ride) Temptation - See if you can handle the temptation, this ride plays music and you can’t dance, says very funny jokes in a church-like setting and you can’t laugh. If you give in to the temptation you will be killed, but if you survive you get the beautiful prize of life.
Dunk the Heretics
(Small Ride) Haunted Mansion - if you can make it to the end of this ride full of the downsides of Calvinism and still believe, then you are one of the “New chosen people”
(Small Ride) The Institutes of Christian Religion Adventure - This ride is strictly educational. You will learn the laws of Calvin’s religious beliefs.
(Big Ride) Heaven or Hell - Find out what it is truly like in both heaven and hell. This ride takes you through a journey where you think that you are going to heaven then it turns and takes you to hell and then back to heaven again.
(Big Ride) On the Map - On this ride you pick out on the map where Calvinism spread and if you get it wrong you go through a hunted mansion like ride but if you get it right you go on a very fun roller coaster.
Henry Horror Nights
Monk Hair Teacups
German Favorites
The Burning Sin
Build a Monk
Wartburg's Watermelon
Spray the Pope of the Catholic Church
Monk's Meat
Anne Boleyn's Escape
German Translator 3000
Eisleben's Eintopf
95 Noodles
Follow Anne Boleyn's try to escape her execution through King Henry's castle and onto the ride. The ride climaxes under a big drop under the guillotine. This symbolizes Anne's (King Henry's second wife) execution by beheading.
Large rides 2
1.German Translator 3000-A alien shooter (Inspired by the MIB ride) where in order to kill the bad aliens you would have to translate a word in german correctly. Like how Luther translated the Christian Bible to German.
2.The burning sin-A fire roller coaster that before you go on you write your sins on a paper and burn them when you get to the top. Like how in Lutheranism you would have to correct your sins, and repent.

small rides 3
1.Monk hair teacups-When Martin became a monk he shaved his hair a funny way that looked round, and almost like a teacup.
2.Build a monk- A small ride where u can build a stuffed monk, and it teaches you about the monks.
3.Spray the pope of the Catholic Church- A game where 4 people sit, and have water guns, Whoever sprays the cardboard figure of the pope wins. Like how luther was against the Catholic Church, because they used indulgences. He ended up preaching about how the system was wrong, and did not take it back when he asked. So the church excommunicated him.
restaurants 2
1.German favorites- Luther lived in Germany all his life his favorite foods were german classics like pickled beets, kasenaple, and square nuts.
2.95 Noodles- 95 stands for the 95 theses Luther wrote, a protest against the selling of indulgences.

concessions stands 3
1.Wartburgs Watermelon- After luther got excommunicated from the church, he spent a few years in wartburgs. He was protected by the elector of saxony there.
2.Monks Meat- Back in the monasteries the monks were on strict diets, and meat was one of the things they could eat. They could only eat one meal a day in the winter, and two in the summer.
3.Eisleben Eintopf- Luther’s home town was eisleben, which ironically he passed away there visiting on a trip. Eintopf is a popular beef stew in germany, and Eisleben is in Germany.

Can You Survive King Henry's Castle of Horrors?
(Big Ride)
This is a virtual reality ride where you enter King Henry's haunted castle as an explorer. Things go wrong and you wind up stuck in the castle. The ghosts of Henry's wives come out and individually help you against different obstacles that come your way, eventually leading with you facing off against King Henry himself!
Castle Tour (Small Ride)
Tour King Henry's haunted castle and see if you can make it through the entire ride! This is a fun yet educational ride, full of jump scares and other spook things. While this ride will scare you, it will also teach you what life was like in England in the 1500's.
Protestant or Catholic? (Small Ride)
Trivia game where you and a friend are given religious facts and you have to guess which is Protestant and which is Catholic. Whoever gets the most questions right gets a big prize of their choice. This game is to symbolize how England's religion was constantly bouncing back and forth between Protestantism and Catholicism.
Crown Toss (Small Ride)
This is a version of ring toss where the pegs are shaped like each wife and the ring is a crown. You get three crowns and whichever peg your crown or crowns land on, you get a prize based off the wife or wives. For example, if your crown lands on Anne Boleyn, you get a mini working guillotine to use in the kitchen. This game symbolizes the crowning of each wife and each of their fates.
King Crowns (Concession)
This concession stand sells king crowns for people to wear. This symbolizes King Henry's reign.
Character Popsicles (Concession)
These popsicles will depict each wife's head. You can buy whichever wife popsicle that you choose. This symbolizes each of Henry's wives and how many he had.
The Banquet Hall (Restaurant)
This restaurant will be like a typical banquet hall from the 1500's. It will serve foods from the 1500's and consist of one long table with plush chairs. The waiters will be dressed as servants from that time period. Diners will get the feeling they were sent back in time and eating with King Henry himself! This symbolizes how the wealthy lived and ate.
Henry's Haven (Restaurant)
This is a bar that serves a variety of drinks. This bar specializes in wine, King Henry's favorite! This bar symbolizes King Henry's love of drinking and his drunkenness.
Lutheranism Land
Chapter Power Point

The entrance is modeled after a large church. You enter through the doors and go down the aisle into the exit. Once you exit, you will enter the first park.
For the landmark building, there will be a big statue of Jesus that tourists can take pictures with. This symbolizes how the underlying figure of each religion is a branch of Christianity.
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