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due soon

emily merritt

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of hymn

HYMN God is great, He was the light before the sun.
We should praise Him for the blessing that we get.
God is great, we should serve Him and run.
We should teach His word to other people and make it set. God made everything and it was good.
He made the sun and the stars and all things that shine.
Do you praise Him for all the things you love? You should!!!
Love and praise Him and everything will turn out fine. We may sin and fall into the
devil's path.
But if you do not confess our sins and keep sinning.
We will have to face God's
That's the way its been since the Fall in the Begining. Don't get discouraged or depressed,
Know He is with you and loves you.
He wants to be with you help you when your distressed.
Whenever you need Him He'll be there to help it's true.
Praise Him and enjoy Him,
And your cup will pour out over the brim. God made Adam fall into a deep sleep.
He made Adam a wife from his rib bone.
They had one rule they had to keep.
But they disobeyed,
So they had to go survive on their own.
God made a coat for Adam out of the skin of a sheep.
The longer the time the more people strayed. God made the realm before the
He knew you would need a place to live before you live.
He knew what you needed before you needed it.
Praise Him and thank Him for what he gives.
Make sure to commit,
Don't just forget it do it sooner. God created man in His own image,
In the image of God He created them;
Male and female He
created them.
God blessed them and said," Be fruitful
and increase in number;
Fill the earth and subdue it.
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