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Role on the Wall

Drama in Education

Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Role on the Wall

Role on the Wall What is it? When you're analysing or developing characters, you need as much information as possible about them. This can help you get into your role. A 'role on the wall' diagram is usually just an outline of a person with information written on it - either inside the outline, or round the edge. It represents the character you're exploring. A 'role on the wall' diagram can include:

how the character feels about him/herself
how the character feels about other people
what the character thinks about his/her life and/or events
what other people think about the character
his/her likes and dislikes
his/her history
his/her dreams or regrets

This information can be very detailed, or just jottings of single words that describe your character. Today..... We are going to look at the main character of Stanley Yelnats. The inside of the role could be about the boy's
qualities/attributes/ personality traits.
What is he like as a person on the inside? - ADJECTIVES While the outside could be his actions.
i.e he digs a hole each day at camp green lake - VERBS - digs. Namely what happens to him, and because of him in the story. Don't Forget To use the information from the story To contribute to the role on the wall Who wants to go first? The whiteboard marker is yours..... Homework Write one paragraph (10-15 LINES) Beginning with the sentence
'I admire Stanley Yelnats because.....' Title: Stanley Yelnats Character Study 13/11/12 You must use the adjectives from your role on the wall. To record everyones adjectives on your handout.
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