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5th Grade Orientation

No description

Katie Kesselman

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of 5th Grade Orientation

If you answer a question correctly, you get candy!
Goddard Middle

Student Services
Here in the hallway on the way to the cafeteria, is a map of the world. Each flag represents a birth country of foreign students.
Also representing the birth countries of foreign students are the flags hanging in the gym.

Core 6B
Mr. Andrews
Mrs. Classick teaches math in 6B.
Are you sick? Hurt? Good thing GMS has a clinic. Here in Student Services, is the clinic. You do need a pass to have entry access to the clinic, but it's the perfect place to go if you need some medical help. Mrs. Bock is the person who works in the clinic.
Done with lunch?
Head outside for some fun! Out on the playground you can play
once outside, there's no going back in until the bell rings.
The best part of the day...LUNCH! Lunch is before recess and when you're done, you can stay there, go to the library, or go out to recess. You can bring your lunch or buy lunch. If you are going to buy lunch, always have money in your account. There is no credit.
Mrs. O'Neil
Mrs. Ervin
6 A/B
Officer LaVelle
The Main Office
What do the flags on the little map represent?
Who are ALL of the 6th grade teachers?
What advice did Mrs. Classick give?
Where's the clinic?
Who is our school resource officer?
Core 6A Continued

We hate to say it, but some rules are simply meant to be broken. Really? No standing?
Mrs. Olsen
Mrs. O'Neil is the social sudies teacher in Core 6B.

Core 6A
Mrs. Hosler - Social Studies
Mrs. Blei - Math
Mr. Watkins - Science
Mrs. Wood - Language Arts
Mr. Andrews is the 6B science teacher.

Here is Mrs. Olsen, the 6B Language Arts teacher.
Teachers - Mrs. Seavall and Mr. Hayes
Teacher - Mr. Farrell
Teacher - Mr. Pautler
Teacher - Mrs. Bateman
Teacher - Mrs. Hughes
Teachers - Mr. Nygren and Mr. Steepleton
Teacher - Mrs. Schreiner
Principal Mr. Breuer
Assistant Principals
Mrs. Lind
Mr. Martinez
Officer LaVelle is our school resource officer who is here to keep each and every one of you safe.
Mr. Sikora
Dressing In and Out
During your semester of PE you are required to dress in and out. What that means is that you are given 5 minutes before class to change into your PE clothes and 5 minutes after class to change back into your normal clothes. During that semester you are also given a small locker to store your clothes and shoes, so that you don't have to bring them back and forth everyday.
Right, Left, Right!
(don't worry you'll get lots of help and time to practice)
GMS offers a variety of sports including
Track & Field (All Grades
7th Grade
8th Grade
6th Grade Co-ed Basketball
•Wrestling(All Grades)
Girls Volleyball (All Grades
Cross Country (All Grades)
Indoor Soccer Club (All Grades)
Flag Football (6th Grade)
Tennis (All Grades)
TSA/ Technology Student Assosiation

Jazz Band (participation is by audition only)

Math Counts Chess Club Drama Club/Musical Brain Bowl

Geography Bee Gardening Club Spelling Bee Student Council

Talent Show Yearbook Club Book Bunch

Goddard offers MANY clubs so GET INVOLVED!!!
Ms. Lehman
Counselors Cont.
Seeing a counselor
To see a counselor you must fill out a request.
In the case of an emergency, you mark "emergency" on the sheet and a counselor will drop everything to come help
If not an emergency, you will be called down to Student Services when your counselor is available
Nationals TSA
TSA Metals
Challenge Course
Fund Run
Black Hawk Helicopter Demonstration
Jazz Band
Ms. Lehman also is available for anyone that needs someone to talk to.
Geography Bee
Pep Assemblies
Mrs. Fordham is one of our secretaries and is in charge of attendance. If you are late, you have to go see her to get a pass.
In addition, we have tennis courts
Challenge Course
And a track
(Note that these three items are not available during recess time)
Mrs. Banks is the secretry and Mrs. Selden is our bookkeeper. Both of them know a lot about Goddard and can answer a lot of your questions.

Mrs. Banks Mrs. Selden
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