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CX Internship review

No description

Cathy Zou

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of CX Internship review

En route to Growth
-- my internship tasks ~~
2. Engagement in developing the 2012 Sustainable Development Report:
- Global Reporting Initiative Table
- Glossary and abbreviations
Something Challenging
1. Communication Skills
by Cathy Chow :)
2. Something so exciting
3. Something challenging
4. Something reflective
-- help me to identify my weakness
1. Inefficient verbal expression:
no topic sentence and in disorder
2. Insufficient self-confidence
Get more preparation:
Think about what I want to express
Drop down the key words and order
Practice Cantonese and English
Encourage myself
Still inefficient: forget the examples to support arguments
Drop down the examples in case that they are needed
2. English Competency
--> Cannot fully understand my colleagues
--> Cannot fully express myself...
Some painful memories......
--> Don't know how to write a leave application...
weak in:
daily communication
appropriate expression
Aggressive plans for making progress
--> Apply for the IELTS test
--> Listening: BBC English, do the dictation
--> Enlarge vocabulary
--> Watch the plays and movies without the script
--> Practice writing skills under different situation
--> Speak English as much as I can
--> Make friends with foreigners
3. Someone so nice
Something exciting!!!!

1. Pace of CX
Haruki Murakami (2008): Life is like running -- forming and controlling your own pace keeps you running for a longer time.
CX also has its own pace to keep it running sustainably.
From its SD report
Set policy and specific objectives
From the structure of CX
Clear system of roles and responsibilities
2. CSR
1. For profit-seeking or prosociality?
Someone sooooooo nice ~~~~
Give me chances
Give me advice on future career development
Caring and supportive
"A good university is like a bra, comfortable, supportive, stop you from falling down, hold you tight and always close to your heart."
A good company is also like that.
But if I am not that lump and full, the bra will not suit me. XD
I still have long way to go and learn,
Practice more, broaden my horizon, be braver and seize the opportunities.
Lecture and sharing seminar
Change for good
-- revelation of CX's CSR
Change: money + change in behavior
Good: children's rights and welfare + sustainable future
CX is like a bridge, carrying the CSR, link the community with the unprivileged children
-Find own goals
-Set objectives to achieve the goals step by step
-Form good habits
Identify its goals with priority
- Research on recycle guidelines (metal, plastics and paper)
4. Engagement in the environmental policy-making process:
- Crosscheck the CX environmental policies against Swire polices
3. Check CX suppliers Code of Conduct/Ethics
- Research on sustainable food source
- Research on sustainable textile
Practice what I have learned
Learn from what I practice
Reflection on the Company
2. Globalization and CSR?
1.Research work:
5. Closing
5. Attend several meetings
-Internal audit on Environmental Management System
-Scientist sharing seminar
-UNICEF Change for Good
Brief Introduction of Cathay Pacific (CX)
1. A Hong Kong-based international airline
The world's 8th most profitable airline
The world's 17th largest airline
1. Brief introduction of Cathay Pacific
2. Commits itself to sustainable development
My own working experiences:
Research and policies on sustainability
Internal environmental education
Cooperation with other organizations
3. The Environmental Affairs Department

6. Final Presentation to my colleagues
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