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Liam Kircher

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of ALABAMA MOON

Moon Blake - Main Character/Protagonist
Kit Slip - Moon's best friend
Hal Mitchell - 'President' of the boys at the Boys' Home, later friend of Moon and Kit
Constable David (Davy) Sanders - the constable after Moon/Antogonist
Mr. Wellington - friend and lawyer of Moon
Judge Mackin - the court judge
Pap & Momma - Moon's parents
Mr. Mitchell - Hal's dad
Mr. Abroscotto - owner of the convenient store near Moon's original shelter-home
Uncle Mike - Moon's uncle
Aunt Sara - Moon's aunt
David & Alice - Moon's cousins
Alabama Moon takes place in 1980 rural southern Alabama.
Constable Sanders is sent to jail and Moon lives with Mr. Wellington for a few days. Mr. Wellington found Moon's uncle in Mobile, Alabama, and sends him there to live with his Uncle Mike, Aunt Sara, and two cousins, David, and Alice.
The first theme of Alabama Moon is about how someone can survive in a world different from their original one. For Moon, it is very hard to adapt to his new way of life. He has to learn to accept the laws and the government and adjust to people who don't like him. Because of how his pap taught him, Moon had difficulty trying to live like everyone else in society.
The second theme in Alabama Moon is how to overcome loss. Moon lost Pap and had to try to live by himself until he gets to Alaska. It was hard for him just to except Pap's death and start another chapter of life alone. When Kit died, he did not understand why his best friend had to die. After starting a 'new life,' Moon had trouble accepting everything that has happened to him.
The last theme is about how someone can make friends when you really don't know how. Moon never met a real friend until he was 10. I don't think Moon really knew how to make one. I guess Moon didn't make a friend but Kit did. Since Kit never had a friend before either, he tried to take advantage of Moon and finally become happier in life. Since Kit was used to the real civilized world and Moon wasn't, Kit could have shown the real details of being a friend and having Moon not know until later on. Moon also took Hal as a friend for granted. I feel that Moon tried to copy Kit and make friends with Hal the way Kit did with him, although it was not as easy as he thought it would be.
Book by: Watt Key
Prezi by: Liam K.

From left to right: Kit, Moon, and Hal
Pap dies from a leg wound and 10-year-old Moon is left to survive on his own in the forest.
Pap told Moon to move to Alaska to find people like themselves who don't trust the government.
Constable David Sanders, a crazed county cop, learns that Moon is orphaned and is obesessed with sending Moon to Pinson Home for Boys, because he found Moon with a gun. Moon puts up a fight with Sanders. This angers the constable.
Moon is sent to Pinson Home for Boys and meets Kit and Hal. He immediately befriends Kit but gets in several fights with Hal. He convinces both of them to escape with him and go to Alaska.
They make their way into the forest and run away from Sanders. Sanders sends his two dogs and his mother's out to try to track down the boys. The dogs befriend them, though. Hal eventually wimps out and leaves with the dogs to try to find his father. That leaves Moon and Kit out in the woods alone to survive and try to make their way to Alaska.
After the two of them build their shelter, Kit gets very sick. One day, it rained so terribly that Moon had to drag the sickly Kit out of the forest and find help. A car comes and finds bundled up Kit with Moon. Moon told them to bring him to the hospital and then ran off into the woods. The next day, Hal and his dad, Mr Mitchell, found Moon in the woods and brought him to their rustic old trailor.
Moon lives with Hal and Mr. Mitchell for awhile and it was the time of his life. He still evades Sanders. Moon still wants his rifle. Hal and Moon drive to his first shelter and retrieve the gun. He then talks to Mr. Abroscotto and asks him why Pap was paranoid of the government. Mr. Abroscotto said he was in the Vietnam War and that was all he knew. They go back to Hal's house and Mr. Mitchell said that a lot of people died in that war. They guessed that since the government forced people into that war, Pap was mad to see so many people die there.
Hal drives Moon to Tuscaloosa Hospital to see Kit. Kit was doing much better. When he walks out of Kit's room, Sanders finds and takes hold of Moon. He takes Moon to his old shelter and Moon expects Sanders to kill him. Mr. Wellington ran out of his house next to the forest and sees Sanders pulling Moon away on chains. They start arguing when Moon was able to run away. Sanders eventually gives up and leaves. Moon goes to Mr. Wellington's house to give himself up. Instead of going to the police first, Mr. Wellington offers to be Moon's lawyer. They go to where the second shelter was (where Moon trapped Sanders) and retrieve the gun Moon stole from Sanders, two deerskin hats, and a piece of dry wood with a bullet in it that Moon shot. Moon goes back to the hospital and tries to give Kit the deerskin hat. Kit was in the intensive care unit. He decides to stay the night and Mr. Wellington tells him that Kit has died. Moon decided to give himself up to the police and goes to jail. He awaits trial there.
In court, Moon has to face Sanders and Judge Mackin with help from Mr. Wellington in the closed hearing. Sanders accused Moon of eating his dogs and shooting at him. He allegedly saw animal carcasses and expected them to be his three dogs. He also claimed that Moon shot but missed him from 10 yards away. He claimed that the gun he stole was a .43 pistol, but Mr. Wellington proved him wrong-it was a .22 pistol. He also proved that he didn't shoot at Sanders, but at a block of dry wood. Sanders then claimed he shot a pine tree next to a river when he missed. The dry wood Mr. Wellington brought also proved something else-pine trees don't grow next to rivers. Judge Mackin wasn't convinced, so they had to go to a driving range to prove the evidence. Mr. Wellington stuck a pen in the ground and put an aspirin bottle over it. From 100 yards away, Moon hit it with a gun, proving that Moon couldn't miss Sanders from 10 yards away and that he didn't shoot at him, period. After that, Hal unexpectedly came driving in with Sanders' dogs. That proved that the carcasses Sanders found in the woods weren't dog carcasses.
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