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interface mockup

Johan Strandberg

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Pin-Pay

Always the first screen
the user will see when
starting the application. Top part of the phone has more visibility
so it's good to put information here Bottom part easier to access with thumb
when holding the phone in one hand,
so put buttons here If feasible (technically), having balance visible
when making payment could be nice Navigation menu for easy overview,
and keeps all parts of the application accessible wherever you are Classic tabs to keep track of statement
information Overall balance is imagined to be placed
at the top for visibility, and have a static
(sticky) position to be always visible Scrollable list/table Two large buttons for ease of access
Again, logo might be removed or made smaller Depending on the function and recharge process
these may be changed to contain more input options

Could also be solved with a modal panel (popup) querying
the user for information once a button has been pressed Could also be changed to an accordion style
layout replacing the four tabs. The metaphor
that is being targeted is a bank book. Again going for simplicity with large buttons.
Could be exchanged for lists or dropdown menus,
but with only four combination this seems best. Depending on the procedure however,
may require some space for input fields Paying is thought to be the most
commonly used feature. Accessible
from app start with only one tap. Logo may be omitted or made smaller
to fit in more statement information Pay Balance/Statement Recharge Transfer
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