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Misguided Ghosts

No description

Panthi Patel

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Misguided Ghosts

Hayley Williams- Lead singer and keyboardist
Josh Farro- Lead guitarist and backing vocalist
Jeremy Davis- Bass guitarist
Zac Farro- Drummer
rock band formed in 2004, in Franklin, Tennessee

The song Misguided Ghosts was written when personal relationships between the band members were tested as disagreements about musical direction occurred. The time that the song was written was really about each member finding themselves as individuals and whether or not the band was meant to stay together.
misguided ghosts- each person who is mentally lost and trying to find their way through life
roads- the path that a person takes to get to where they want in life, the decisions they make and where those decisions take them
echo- following in another person's footsteps, doing exactly what they are ding and not making your own decisions
Poetic Devices
repitition- "We'll run
from them
from them
rhyme scheme- "And run from them, from them/

no direction
/We'll run from them, from them/


" (a,b rhyme scheme throughout most of the song)
assonance- "Misguided
s/Travelin' endlessly/The ones we trusted the
The tone of this song is hopeful, yet dreary
Misguided Ghosts

Panthi Patel
Brielle Sadowski
Anastasia Kantilierakis

by Paramore
The message that the song Misguided Ghosts is trying to say is that every person is their own individual, and that being different than everyone else and doing your own thing isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes standing alone, and taking a different path than others, is what gets a person to where they are meant to be in life. Making mistakes is a part of life and instead of avoiding them, you should learn from them. Not everyone has the same purpose in life so following in everyone else's footsteps will not get a person where they are meant to be.
Misguided Ghosts by Paramore
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