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"La Tortilla" and "Abuelito Who"

No description

Jennifer Rogers

on 7 July 2013

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Transcript of "La Tortilla" and "Abuelito Who"

"Ode to La Tortilla"

A Narrative Poem by Gary Soto
What kind of food would you like to praise? What do you love to eat hot from the oven or pan?
Focus your Reading
Gary Soto
Born 1952
Fiction Writer
Written poetry books
Loves encountering fresh new uses of language
Purpose for Reading
Sensory Language
Creates mental image
Appeals to five senses
As you read, think about how sensory language makes this poem come to life.
Use of language to create a concrete representation of an object or experience
Could be a mental picture, smell, taste or other sensory experience.
As you read, notice the sight, sound, touch, and taste images.
Sense To Which Image Appeals
"dripping down elbow"
~ Find an example for each of the 5 senses~
narrative poem
sensory image
sequence of events
chronological order
sensory image
transitional word
Sequence of Events
Speaker stands on the lawn, eating

Speaker throws a piece of tortilla to a sparrow.
"Abuelito Who"
A Lyric Poem by Sandra Cisneros
Describe your favorite relative.
Describe favorite activities you share with him or her.

Discussion Questions
1. Who is the speaker of this poem?

2. How is the speaker eating the tortillas?

3. Why do you think he emphasizes the way in which he is eating?

4. Which sensory image struck you most as you read this poem? Why?

5. Who or what is being compared in this poem? Cite exact words from the poem in your answer.

6. Would you say this poem is actually about "la tortilla" or something else? Explain.
Sandra Cisneros
Born 1954
Written poems and stories about her pride in her Mexican-American heritage
Focuses on the people and places of the Latino community where she grew up
Build Background
Abuelito is a Spanish word that comes from the word abuelo, meaning "grandfather". The speaker has added the ending -ito to make the term more personal and loving. The poem suggests that the speaker and the grandfather speak both English and Spanish.
Analyze Literature
Metaphor-figure of speech in which one thing is spoken or written as it were another. Example: "The kite was a boat sailing through the sky"
Simile- comparison using the word like or as to compare. Example: The kite is like a boat sailing through the sky.
Focus your Reading
lyric poem
poetic device
figurative language
sound device
Discussion Questions
1. Where is Abuelito? What is the matter with him?

2. What are 2 things Abuelito is doing now? What are 2 things Abuelito did in the past?

3. Is it true that Abuelito "doesn't live here anymore"? What does that statement suggest?

4. What is the speaker feeling? How do you know?

5. How would you describe the relationship between Abuelito and the speaker?

6. Do you think the question in the last line has an answer? If so, what is it? If not, why not?
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