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Death Penalty Worldwide

No description

Michaela Sabin

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Death Penalty Worldwide

Global Death Penalty
By: Michaela Sabin

Rhetorical Knowledge
Author: Leila Haddou
Mode: expository
Audience: those interested in global issues and the death penalty
Purpose: to inform readers of global death penalty statistics
POV: 3rd person
Context/Occasion: death penalty statistics worldwide
Medium: print, electronic article
Genre: non-fiction
Top 5 Executioners Worldwide
My Article
- Title: Teens and Stress: Bad Habits Begin Early

- Author: Leila Haddou

-USA Today

- High school increases levels of stress

- Leads to unhealthy habits

1. Do you feel like school causes an increase in stress compared to during the summer?
2. What about school causes your stress to build?
3. Do you feel like teen depression is a prominent issue today?
4. What negative factors does stress cause?
5. Do you feel overly stressed during the school year? Why? What causes your stress?
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