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The Changing of The Gaurd

No description

Kameron Pilz

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of The Changing of The Gaurd

The plan was to go to the planet Romin, (a planet where villains can go so that they don't get arrested) disguised as the Slams, then find Jenna Zan Arbor and offer her a deal to transport her off the planet, and then arrest her.
While Siri and Obi-Wan were at Zan Arbor's house, Anakin and Ferus were looking for a way to escape quickly if necessary. While they were walking around, some Romins kidnapped them, put bags over their heads, and shoved them into the back of a car. When their bags were taken off, someone named Joylin asked the Padawans if they would help them take over Romin.
Obi-Wan and Ferus sat down and talked about how they had a great enemy that had met a greater one. Ferus told Obi-Wan that in school people had made fun of him and called him "a tunic stuffed with feathers and the force". Obi-Wan was upset because he hadn't known that. Ferus said it was a long time ago and that he didn't care anymore.
The day after they arrived on Romin, the two Jedi, Obi-Wan and Siri, went to visit Zan Arbor. When they knocked on the door her butler let them in. They began to talk about when they arrived on Romin. Then the Jedi started to talk about Zan Arbor's transportation off Romin and she kindly turned them down.
Then she said that her butler would escort them out, and she left. Then Obi-Wan told Siri to try and charm the butler so he could have a look around. A little searching helped Obi-Wan find a secret computer. He had just downloaded the last files when he heard Siri's voice getting closer and closer (she raised her voice to let him know to hurry up because the butler was coming back). When the butler and Siri came back, Obi-Wan was sitting down pretending to swipe the last of the sweets.
The Changing of The Guard
Anakin, Obi-Wan, Siri, and Ferus were all siting in chairs around the Senate discussing how to capture Zan Arbor. After a time of dead silence, Obi-Wan said he had an idea, but that Siri might not like it. Siri said that he could go ahead and say it. After the plan was discussed the Senate agreed and said to go on with the plan.

The young apprentices kept asking questions and wanting to know what is in it for them and how they know they can trust them. Finally they agreed to help them but they needed to talk to their masters first. Then they left.
The next night Obi-Wan couldn't sleep so he went outside to look at the stars. There he found Ferus sitting on the ground cross-legged with his eyes closed. He was just about to go inside when Ferus said, "You couldn't sleep either, Master Obi-Wan?"
Obi-Wan fighting Zan arbor
Obi-Wan staring at a fried Oreo
The next day was the day of the raid and Obi-Wan, Siri, Anakin, and Ferus went to a party that Teda had arranged for the Romins. About 15 Minutes into the the party they hatched their plan, and Obi-Wan went into Teda's office to snatch a hard drive from his computer. While he was on his way out, he tripped over a wire and had to kill a bunch of battle droids. Then he and his crew had to escape capture. When they returned to their villa, they found Joylin waiting for them and they handed over the hard drive. Joylin promised them the raid would be bloodless.
When the raid was over, Teda, Zan Arbor and Teda's head guard, along with a few other guards were nowhere to be found. When the Jedi found this out they turned on the TV and watched Joylin talk about it. He said that every hour one of his aides would be executed, and that his first aide Hansel would be first to die. It wasn't long after they turned off the TV when they got a message from Teda and Zan Arbor telling them to meet two of them in the woods.
When they meet with Teda and Zan Arbor they were surprised to find Teda's lead guard leading them in a swerving manner. Anakin supposed that was so they couldn't find their way back. When they got there, Zan Arbor told Obi-Wan and Siri that she was sorry for turning them down, and that she would like to suggest that they make a different offer. She said that she would have them take her off the planet, but that they would have to join them to be a part on the deal.
When she was done talking to the two Jedi she turned to Anakin and said that she recognized him. She realized that he was Anakin Skywalker, and that Slam was Obi-Wan. At that moment the real Slams barged in and yelled "Imposters!" Then Zan Arbor said that she was going to kill them all, but Slam said that there was no need to be so violent. Zan Arbor took them captive and told Teda's lead guard to take them to the prison. When they got there, Siri took out the guard that had their light sabers and tossed the others theirs. Then they started fighting many guards, so Obi-Wan called for backup. Soon three Jedi arrived and went slashing though the army of battle droids until there was nothing but dead droids everywhere.
When the Jedi took Zan Arbor and Teda captive, they brought Teda to Joylin, who whispered to his guard. At first Anakin thought that he had sent them to the dungeon, but after a minute he guessed that Joylin had just let them go, so he asked him if he had. When Joylin admitted that he was letting them go, the eight of them ran up to the roof, where they found the Slams about to take off. Then Anakin jumped on the jet and placed a tracking device on their ship right before they took off. Obi-Wan noted that they needed to borrow their Senate's ship. Fifteen minutes into the ride Anakin jolted up and blurted out "Omega knows we're coming!"
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