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Hillary + Google

No description

Terry Geraldsen

on 11 June 2016

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Transcript of Hillary + Google

It's clear Hillary's past is getting pushed under the rug.
"Hillary Clinton whi"
We've all heard about Hillary and her whitewater convtroversy, but I wonder what happens when you google just to whi-.
". . . Clinton whi" cont.
"Donald Trump i"
That first one must've been a mistake! but hey! let's check out that new interview with Fox News and Donald lol.
"Hillary Clinton vin"
"Donald Trump i" cont.
"Hillary Clinton whi" cont.
"Donald Trump i" cont.
Hillary + Google
(Just like her morals, dignity, etc. ;P)
Don't agree? Let's take a look!
Of Course! Everyone nowadays wants to see Clinton whip... or do they?
It seems this year more people care to know about her crime life, and less about her useless whip-ing abilities, so why did Google put whip as first suggestion..
OBVIOUSLY, that racist Donald has more people researching immigration connected to himself, or do they?
Wrong again, Google, but why are they against the politicians this time?
Surely, this whole dilemma is fake and Google has no sides.. false.
Let's now Google Clinton's correlations with Vince Foster...
"Well, who knows/cares about Vince anyways?" I know, I know. But you're wrong, Stefi :p
"Hillary Clinton vin" cont.
Out of all the searches, this one clearly should have been the number ONE recommendation, so why wasn't it?!
That's it..
I bet you're expecting a thesis, but I've already made my point. Google's recommendations are about as real as this term's candidacy.. and that
is it.
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