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how do vets use chemistry

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Kamden Lucas

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of how do vets use chemistry

How veterinarians use chemistry How do vets use chemistry? Vets use chemisty in various ways they
use it all of the time in their daily work.
Veterinarians use chemistry when they
do things like laboratory test to diagnose
disease, to monitor disease progression or
responce to therapy, and when they screen
for the presence of underlying disease in
apparently healthy animals. A wide variety
of clinical chemistry test are offered by clinical
pathology laboratories for this purpose. What college classes do vets have to take? When a veterinarian is in college they must
complete an extensive educational program
before they can get their DVM so they can
practice in the real world. The courses they
have to take depends on the type of occupation
that they plan on holding. There is a wide variety
of courses from the bachelors level through
postgraduate work.

1st year-
biology(or zoology) 1&2 with labs
general chemistry 1&2 with labs
2nd year-
Organic chemistry 1&2 with labs
general physics 1&2 with labs
calculus(recomended, not required)
3rd year-
Biochemistry(half-year, lab recomended not required)
Microbiology with lab(half year; 3 semester credits)
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