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The Black Cat

No description

Valerie Deal

on 25 January 2012

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Transcript of The Black Cat

The Black Cat
By: Edgar Allan Poe PLOT Characters- Narrator, Narrators wife,
Pluto, the replacment cat,
and the investigators. Prezi By: Abigail Hoke
Valerie Deal
Celina jimenez &
Savannah Clay Setting- Narrators House Conflict- The narrator becomes irrated with
Pluto so he cuts the cats eye from
its socket then hangs him. Climax- The narrator got a second cat but
after a while he claimed that the
cat was stocking him. The narrator
got annoyed by the cat so he had
the cat acompainied him into his
cellar were he was going to kill it,
but he was stopped by his wife so
he killed her. After he murdered his
wife he later felt guilty for it. Resolution- The investigators had came to
the narrators house to examine
it, but they found nothing wrong.
As the men were about to leave
the narrator could no longer hold
in what he had done so he showed
the men the remains of his wife.
10 Vocabulary Words Perverse- Willfully determined or disposed
to go counter to what is
expected or desired; contray. Damnation- An oath expressing anger
or disopoinment. Peevish- Showing annoyance, irratation
or bad mood. Gossamer- Something extremely light,
flimsy, or delicate. Paltry- Utterly worthless. Goad- Anything that pricks or wounds
like such a stick.
Bosom- The chest of a human being. Bid- To command; order; direct. Allay- To put to rest; calm; quiet. Swooning- To faint; loose consciousness. Elements of Fiction Direct/Indirect Characterization
Direct- The author described Pluto
and his characterizations.
Indirect-The narrator murdered
Pluto and his wife which
showed he was crual and
Internal/External Conflict
Internal- When the narrator felt
guilty after murdering his
External- When the narrator gets fed
up with Pluto and the
replacement cat so he
trys to kill them.
Killing Pluto- The narrator was getting
irrated with him.
Killing his Wife- When the narrator was
about to kill the
replacement cat, his wife
stopped him so he killed
Confessing- The narrator felt guilty for
killing his wife so he told
the invetigators.

The narrator was getting irritated
with the cat and was getting annoyed
that it kept following him so it lead
up to him killing it later on in the story.
The narrator killed the first cat and then got a second cat so it lead you
to think he was going to kill someone witch he did.
The narrators wife liked the replacement cat but the narrator didn't and since he was going to try and kill it the forshadowing told you he was going to kill her.

You wouldn't have expected
the narrator to find a cat that
belonged to nobody and looked
the same as Pluto after he had
killed Pluto.
When the narrator was going
to kill the replacement cat you didn't expext him to kill his wife instead.
When the narrator confesed to
his crime and showed the investigators the remains of his wife behind the wall you didn't expect the cat to be lying on top of her.

The End
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