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Country Visits and Sightseeing in Estonia

No description

Elen Rüütel

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Country Visits and Sightseeing in Estonia

Country Visits and Sightseeing in Estonia
Elen Rüütel
Small country, easy to discover
Connections and timetables: www.elron.ee (in Estonian)
Tartu Tallinn, station in Tartu: Vaksali 6
2-hour journey
Tickets: 9-12 EUR
Connections and timetables: https://www.tpilet.ee/
Tickets can be bought on-line and printed out.

Choose the right bus: ticket prices can vary from 7-11 EUR.
Discounts: young (until 26, until 30, Balticmiles)

PS! On-line tickets can not be bought when the bus leaves within
the next one hour.

2,5-hour journey Tartu -> Tallinn
Other options
Car - probably the best way to discover the whole country.

Car rental information: http://www.visitestonia.com/en/

What to visit?
When to travel?
Landscape formed mostly 10 000 years ago by the ice sheet making it quite contrasting in Estonia. Beautiful hills, lakes, hiking trails, little villages, observation towers etc.
Good places to go skiing in the wintertime (Kääriku, Mammaste, Otepää …).
Some hints: Taevaskoja, Setomaa, Suur Munamägi (Big Egghill), Lake Peipus, old believers villages, Karula National Park, Otepää forest adventure park …
More information:
http://www.polvamaa.ee/index.php?page=3 (Põlva county)
http://www.visitvoru.ee/?lang=en (Võru county)
http://www.turism.valgamaa.ee/index.php?k=1 (Valga county)
http://www.tartumaa.ee (Tartu county)
Estonian islands
Biggest, most popular (and inhabited by the people): Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Muhumaa, Vormsi, Kihnu, Ruhnu, Naissaar, Prangli …
Cliffs, beaches, junipers, windmills, little villages, summer-houses, manors …
See more:
http://www.saaremaa.ee/ (Saare county)
http://www.muhu.ee/ (Muhu county)
http://www.hiiumaa.ee/ (Hiiu county)
http://vormsi.ee/avasta-vormsi/ (Vormsi island)
http://www.visitparnu.com/en/visitor/kihnu (Kihnu island)
http://ruhnu.ee/ (Ruhnu island)
http://www.prangli.com/ (Prangli island)
North- and North-East Estonia
The capital and its old town, old fishermen villages (today popular holiday resorts), cliffs, waterfalls, oil-shale mines, ash mountains etc.
Hints: Tallinn, Jägala and Valaste falls, Käsmu, Vergi, Lahemaa National Park, Kohtla Mining Park, jeep safary, ash-mountains, Rakvere spa, Narva-Jõesuu, Narva castle …
More info:
http://www.tallinn.ee/ (Tallinn)
http://www.ida-virumaa.ee/index.php?lang=est (Ida-Viru county)
What else?
Well, there are other counties...
http://www.westest.ee/ (Lääne county)
http://www.visitparnu.com/et/ (Pärnu county)
http://www.viljandimaa.ee/ (Viljandi county)
http://www.jarva.ee/ (Järva county)
http://www.visitjogeva.com/ (Jõgeva county)
Hints: Pärnu (summer capital), Haapsalu, Soomaa National Park (5th season and canoeing), Viljandi, Põltsamaa (Estonian wine capital), Vooremaa, Endla Nature reserve etc.
Useful links
http://www.visitestonia.com/en/ (general information)
http://www.rmk.ee/en (The State Forest Management Centre) Hiking trails, recreational areas, campsites, huts and cottages (forest houses) in the forest.
http://www.maaturism.ee/ (rural tourism)
Enjoy Estonia, discover a lot and gather good emotions!
Thank you!
February 7, 2014
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