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Jasnoor J

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Green

Its Easy Being
Here are some possible solutions.
-replace old appliances
-older appliances are less energy efficient than newer models
-when buying new appliances search for Energy Star certified appliances

By: Jasnoor J
Light Bulbs
-switch light bulbs from incandescent to florescent
-although florescent bulbs cost more, at the end you will be saving a lot
-florescent light bulbs last eight- twelve times longer than incandescent bulbs
-you could also have a mix of both light bulbs in your home you could still save a lot
Plant a Tree
-plant deciduous shade trees outside your home that gets most sunlight
-the tree will provide shade that will keep your home cool
-in the winter the leaves will fall of and allow sunshine in your home
-close windows properly
-get multiple sheets of glass
-get tinted windows
-open blinds
-cover windows with insulating or just heavy curtains
-use clear plastic sheets or thin curtain to cover windows that receive most sunlight
-apply caulk or sealant around widows, door frames, sills and joints

-add insulation to attic, ceiling, walls
-most convenient time to insulate your home is during renovation
-insulating your pipes also makes a difference

-get a high efficiency furnace
-high efficiency furnaces burn less gas, burns hotter, and produces less carbon emission
-change air filters
-air filters help it easier for the air to circulate
-keep furnace clean , lubricated
-close vents in rooms that are not used frequently

-conserve water by
fixing drips and leaks
-wash clothing in

old water and hang clothing to dry
plant a tree, and it will
provide shade and soak up carbon f
rom the atmosphere
Close your drapes and blinds
during the night.
-add a
barrier between the
fixed and movable sections of
doors and
-lower thermostat
by 4 - 5 degrees Celsius at night
close doors
of unused rooms
light on and off shortens life span of the bulb

-fans don't cool or heat air but move it around
-when hot, fans should spin counter clockwise
-when cold, fans should spin clockwise

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