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Michael Jackson

No description

Sigridur Esther

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson
Michael Joseph Jackson
Billie Jean
Gary, Indiana U.S
The Jackson 5
First Famous with his brothers!
Michael Jackson began his solo career in 1971 after his career with his brothers. His first album he did was "Off the Wall" that came out 1979 featuring Quincy Jones
Solo career
In 1982, Michael Jackson
released the world's largest selling
album of all time, 'Thriller'.
The album produced seven hit singles,
breaking records along the way.
It went on to sell over
50 million copies worldwide.
August 29. 1958
The members were the Jackson
Jackie Jackson,
Tito Jackson,
Jermaine Jackson,
Marlon Jackson
Michael Jackson
Active form 1964-1990
The moonwalk
In 1983, Michael performed the legendary moonwalk for the first time on the “Motown 25 Years Anniversary Show”. His performance alone set Michael undeniably into the realm of a superstar.
Michael Joseph "Prince" Jackson, Jr. born February 13, 1997
Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
born April 3, 1998
Prince Michael Jackson II ( Blanket)
born February 21, 2002.
He first got married May 26 1994 to Lisa Marie Presley daughter of Elvis Presley.
They got divorced in 1996.
He married Debbie Rowe in November 1996 and they got divorced in 1999 after having two children.
Prins and Paris.
To promote his singles from
the album Thriller, Michael
was eager to use music videos
or short films as he called them.
He worked with the best
directors and producers,
using the latest technology
and special effects for
the hit song “Billie Jean”.
Jackson's top 10 hits
1. Billie Jean
2. Black

or white
3. Say say say ft. Paul McCartney
4.Rock with you
5.Beat it
6. Man in the Mirror
7. Bad
8.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
9.You are not alone
10. The way you make me feel
Personal matters
What happened?
Skin disorder
is the name of the disease
He was diagnosed with Vitiligo in 1986 but its hard to tell exactly when because he had been covering up the vitiligo in the first few years he had it until it became to noticeable to hide. He used the cream Porcelana to even the color out when he was on early stages off his skin condition.
Accused of sexually
abusing a thirteen
year old boy
In 1993 Evan Chandler accused Michael of sexually abusing his thirteen year old son Jordan
Michael was never charge of this matter so no one can be 100% sure if this is true or not
Charged in 2003 of seven child molestation but was found not guilty.
He died June 25 2009
He died in a mansion on 100 North Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills in Los Angeles
Died of drug use. His doctor Dr. Conrad Murray druged him causing his death.
Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of manslaughter
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