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Twilight Saga

No description

Marketing 311

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Twilight Saga

Questions ?
Twilight Saga
Story Analysis
Twilight (2008)
New Moon (2009)
Eclipse (2010)
Breaking Dawn (2011&2012)
Celebrity Endorsment
Legal Controversies
Vampire Dairies vs. Twilight Soga

Critics Review
Critical Reflection
story:love story between human and vampire
character set:woman vs. vampire & werewolf
twilight was published in 2005
vampire diaries was published in 1991
similar idea but not copyright infringement
November 7,2010
March 31 and April 1,2011
Influence: affect box office
summit decide to tkae legal action
Bella Swan ( Kristen Stewart)
Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson)
Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner)
Twilight (2008)
Background of the story
Cullen Family (vampire family)
Human blood VS Animal blood
Development of a personal relationship between human teenager Bella Swan and vampire Edward Cullen
Fall in love with each other
Put Bella in a dangerous situation
New Moon (2009)
Bella fall into a deep depression until she develops a strong friendship with werewolf Jacob Black
Jacob and his tribe must protect Bella from Victoria, a vampire seeking to avenge the death of her mate by killing Bella.
Meet with the Volturi, a powerful coven of vampires.
Forest Bella be turned into a vampire in the near future
Bella and Edward are reunited, and she and the Cullens return to Forks.
Eclipse (2010)
Bella Swan as she develops awareness of the complications of marrying Edward Cullen
Victoria draws nearer with a group of newborn vampires
Jacob Black and the rest of the werewolves form a temporary alliance to to keep Bella safe with Cullen Family
Keeping a compromise with Edward, she vows to keep true to her engagement and marry him.
Breaking Dawn
Bella's marriage and honeymoon with Edward
Bella's pregnancy and childbirth (Renesmee)
Edward changes Bella into a vampire
Cullens gather vampires as witnesses and prove to the Volturi that Renesmee is not an immortal child
Peaceful life at the end
Bella Swan
Teenage girl
Falls in love with Edward Cullen
Falls into mixed feeling with Jacob Black
Marry to Edward
Gives birth to their daughter (Renesmee)
Becomes a vampire at age 18
The ability to shield her and others' minds from mental attacks
Edward Cullen
Frozen in his 17-year-old body changed into a vampire
Special ability to read minds, except Bella Swan's
Falls in love with Bella
Keep protect Bella all the time
Marries Bella in Breaking Dawn
Father of Renesmee (Bella's child)
Jacob Black
Bella's best friend
Quileute Native American and a werewolf
love Bella
spends most of his time in Eclipse trying to win Bella
Protect Bella with Edward
his affections are shifted and the romantic conflict is resolved
Remain close friends with Bella and Edward
Kristen Stewart
(Bella Swan)
Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen)
Taylor Lautner
(Jacob Black)
Twilight wiki website
1 400 000 followers
Fan sites
PEPSI (Breaking Dawn Part 2)
Italy Based
• Three limited edition can
(Bella, Edward and Jacob)
• Contest to win prizes
BURGER KING (Twilight Saga Eclipse)
U.S based
• In-stores Game Play
• Chance to win Private movie screening
and Movie set tour
• Twilight Designer Collectibles
• Gift Cards

Twilight Saga
New Moon
• Entertaining Fantasy and Strong Visual Look
• Melodrama (Washington Post)
• B grade and average
• Female biased

Twilight Saga
• Better than all Saga
• Not a game changer
• Constant and unclevered conversation
• Lack of understanding of the film series

Twilight Saga
Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2
• 24% of critics have positive feedback
• Slow, joyless, and loaded with unintentionally humorous moments
• Focused only for the fan following
• Part 2 is more favourable than Part 1
• Feast Ripe of Dialogue and bloodsucking action Part 2

Movie Budgets
Worldwide gross sales
DVD and Blu-ray Sales
45 millon
Box office performance
3.3 billion out of 385 million
Breaking dawn part 1 and Eclipse
Barriers and Legal Controversies
Average of 5 on IMDB rating
4th highest paid brand ambassodors
Facebook likes comparison
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