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The Horrors of the Holocaust: Making Your Own Holocaust Surivivor Journal

No description

Rachel Pierce

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of The Horrors of the Holocaust: Making Your Own Holocaust Surivivor Journal

The Horrors of the Holocaust:
Making Your Holocaust Survivor Journal Description (cont.) By: Rachel Pierce The first concentration camp is set up in Dachau during the year 1933.

Jews started getting killed at these camps in the year 1942.

Jewish people were not the only group sent to concentration camps. Various ethnic groups were also sent there as well.

Over six million Jews died as a result of being sent to concentration camps. Background: Jewish people attempt to fight back their Nazi tormentors in 1943.

Jewish people forced to walk to their doom in 1944.

Allies finally free the Jews in 1945. Background (Continued): Write a journal in the point of view of a Holocaust survivor.

Purpose is to raise awareness for the Holocaust.

Grade Level:9-12 due to extreme content.

Possibly could take a week due to the length of lessons about the Holocaust and writing of the journal. Description: Benefits of activity:
Raise awareness for the horrors of genocide.
Prevent antisemitism and other forms of prejudice from forming.
Better understanding the brutality of Hitler and the Nazis. Description (Cont.): The teacher could either read or show a movie about the Holocaust in order to show the students an example of a concentration camp.

A librarian could bring in articles, pictures, and clips about concentration camps.

The students could chose work together in 4 or 5 groups in order to come up with an effective journal. Instructions:
Check out proper books from the library.

Gather materials to create the journal such as paper and pencils.

Read books in order to better understand the point of view of a Holocaust survivor.

Write journals.

Use paint or markers to create covers for journal and then place journal pages in clear page protectors.

Use binder to hold journal together. Room Arrangement: There will be workstations separated from each other with supplies on them.

The books for the project will be available at the teacher's desk.

There also be laptops if students need more information. Accommodations:

Paper about the Holocaust in case students prefer working alone.

Mixed groups in case there are students with more background knowledge on the subject and can help the other students. Role of Teacher Supervise the students to make sure they are working.

Give supplies to the students when they need them.

Answer questions the students may have about the subject.

Correct mistakes.

Provide students with reading materials. Engaging the Students:

This journal will be worth a grade.

The students can work together.

The students can assign roles to each other within their groups.

The students can write notes or complete organizers as they read the books.

The students can write a reflection piece on how the activity affected them. Day 1
Build background knowledge:
Shown movies about the Holocaust.
Begin research for project using books.
Provide notebooks and note taking strategies. Day 2 Organize groups.
Gather research for journal.
Take notes for project. Day 3:
Continue research.
Groups discuss over what they will do with their journals.
Brainstorm ideas. Day 5:
Finish journal.
Begin and finish reflection paper. Book List For Project: Rubric Supplies Books
Writing Paper
Clear Page Protectors
Binder Day 4 Begin working on journal.
Use books or notes for help in creating content. Interview with Teacher Reflection
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