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David Buckholtz

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Topic

Tesla Motors - Marketing Mix 4 P's
PLC Statement & Defense
1. During the introductory stage, the new product does not make a profit.

2. The higher quality of the product means it will spend less time in the introductory stage and the company can start turning a profit.

3. Many companies spend a lot of money on informative advertising.

4. During the growth stage, more competitors join the market with similar products.
Marketing Channels - Conflicts
“we utilize an innovation distribution model based on Company-owned sales and service.”
~ The Tesla Motor Company
Promotional Elements
Promotional Task of Main Promotional Element(s)
Informing promotional task:
Electronic cars --- the introductory stage of the product life cycle.

Task: Let customers know the product’s purpose and benefits
-Zero emission and zero compromises (Tesla, 2013)
-Video: show the 17-inch touch screen, panoramic roof and power train.
PLC Statement and Defense
Marketing Channels and Conflicts
Reduction of Marketing Channels w/ Tesla Motors
Marketing Channels of Tesla Motors
Promotional Elements
Promotional Task of Main Promotional Elements
Main Pricing Objectives
Work Cited
In Conclusion our research of the marketing mix 4P’s has concluded that Tesla Motors itself still in the introductory stages of growth.

Tesla Motors being a relativity new company with a innovative spectrum for designs and engineering cars makes it a prominent company for both success and failure.

The channel structure of Tesla Motors and it's reliance on its own resources and abilities rather than the abilities of third party companies, sponsorships or partnerships.

Tesla Motors maintains total control of their products in a way that maximizes profit and loyalty from consumers.

Promotional elements of Tesla Motors are more along the line of targeted direction in which they focus on people who are not only interested in their product but who can afford it.

In closing Tesla Motors is a very successful business endeavor and their success will be challenged in its future succeeding this presentation

Main Pricing Objectives
A pricing objective is basically a goal that directs a business in setting the price of its product or service to us consumers

It should reflect the company's marketing, financial, and strategic goals for the product

Each pricing objective requires its own price setting strategy in order to meet their business' goals

There are four many pricing objectives, but most businesses utilize four in particular: Survival, Profit, Sales, and Status Quo.

In Tesla's case, the pricing objective that reflects its strategy is Status Quo. The Status Quo objective encourages competition on aspects other than price ( Environmental Responsibility). It directs its attention to maintaining market share, but not increasing it. It also seeks to match competitors pricing and not necessarily beat it
How the Marketing Channels of Tesla Motors reduce Transactions
Marketing Channels of Tesla Motors
Marketing Channels for Consumer Products
Channels for Business and Industrial Processes
Consumer 1
Consumer 2
Consumer 3
Consumer 4
Consumer 1
Consumer 2
Consumer 3
Consumer 4
Tesla Motors
Direct Channel
Direct Channel
Industrial distributor channel
Agent/Broker channel
Agent/Broker- industrial distributor channel
Cadillac -
GM - Ghevy Volt
Tesla -Model S
Pininfarina - BlueCar
Toyota - Prius
Retailers - 3rd Party (Used)
Agents & Brokers
Industrial Users
Industrial Users
Industrial Users
Industrial Users
Government Buyers
Industrial Distributors
Industrial Distributors
Agents or Brokers
Agents or Brokers
Marketing Channels Required Transactions
Tesla Motors Required Transactions
The implication of Marketing Channels on Tesla Motors
In comparison, a cluster of five cars all competitors of the Tesla Model S when compared to the number of required transactions shows:
4 Potential Consumers
5 Purchasing Opinions
20 Total Possible Transactions
Tesla Motors maintains purchasing power by facilitating how there vehicles are purchased.
With this approach Tesla Motors limits the number of required transactions to purchase their products.

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Public Relations
Sale Promotion
Personal Selling
Social Media
Marketing Strategy of Tesla Motors
Marketing Channels Conflicts
Example: Tesla Model S sighting at Moscone Center Apple event “driving indoors” https://twitter.com/TeslaMotors/status/392344274777300993/photo/1
Telsa Motors is in pursuit of its company owned store and service center model.

High visibility retail venues

Tesla Product Specialists

Telsa Motors is at risk for a vertical conflict because they have chosen to bypass the wholesaler and deal directly with the customer and retailer.
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