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No description

Akhil Gutta

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Ballad

The scrumptious feast on the frost night
Ghostly with the blue moon in sight
The fateful night that changed my life
With the rider who flew in plight

The scrumptious feast on the frost night
Ghostly with the blue moon in sight
Many passed on the quite dark day
Fateful, very happy tonight

As I mourned over the big rock
Many passed maybe to just mock
The fateful night that changed my life
With the rider who flew in plight

Our Ballad
What is a Ballad?
- noun; any light, or sad, simple song, especially one of sentimental or romantic character, having two or more stanzas all sung to the same melody

- serenade, chant, tune

- prose

Parts of a ballad
- there has to be a consistent syllable pattern and there are four lines per stanza. There are about two to four stanzas.

Classical Ballad: six syllables in first line, eight in second, six in third, eight in fourth.

How ballads are set up

Ballad of a Wildcatter
This ballad shows the rough, struggling times of a man who sets out to find oil.
By, Megan King, Jillian Butler, Ashwin Soitkar, Alan Gallardo, Akhil Gutta, and Alexa Dickey
"I had rather have a kitten and cry mew
Than one of these same metre-ballad mongers."
~ William Shakespeare
"I love a ballad in print alife, for then we are sure they are true." ~ William Shakespeare

"In Van Halen there were moments, like in some of the ballads, I put my heart and soul into those records. Those lyrics when I sang 'em, I gave myself goosebumps." ~ Sammy Hagar
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It means that someone close to him died on the blue moon. The Rider is the person who died leaving Earth. And, he mourned over the rock which is the grave.

"Ballad of a Wildcatter - Poem." YouTube. YouTube, 24 Jan. 2014. Web. 25 Apr. 2014. <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuMpTn1QM8 c >


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The Little Boy Lost

"Father, father where are you going?
Oh do not walk so fast!
Speak,father, speak to your little boy,
Or else I shall be lost."

The night was dark, no father was there,
The child was wet with dew;
The mire was deep, and the child did weep,
And away the vapour flew.

"Cemetery Graves in Black and White." Wallpaper and Stock Photo. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Apr. 2014. <http://www.snoron.com/cemetery_graves_in_black_and_white-wallpapers.html>.
(Rhyme Scheme)
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