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I'm the king of the castle

No description

YuXuan Chen

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of I'm the king of the castle

A sand animation for u:)
I'm the king of the castle
Chapter 7&8 analysis

by Chen Yuxuan & Jennifer Guo
-Hang Wood
'Great black shadows laid across the entrance'

Thunder-Hooper's fear
Then,abruptly,sun filled the clearing it was like a curtain being drawn back in front of a brightly lit stage.(Pg70L35)
The Hang Wood
-'Hang' represents no freedom
-cannot be escaped
- symbolizes Kingshaw and Hooper's relationship is endless, they are stuck together forever
- Death, e.g.Jesus was crucified like hanging on the cross
-a sense of control, Kingshaw was like a puppet hanging there controlled by Hooper
-Role change
Nothing living seemed to be down here,there were no birds or butterflies, it was like a dark, damp tunnel.(Pg76L30)
-Has the tendency of hiding his weaknesses and feelings

'Dead things are finished they don't matter.'(Pg73L18)
Hooper was very scared and nervous when he was in an unknown place. He was lack of a sense of security.
Looking like some kind of pale animal, among the trees.(Pg78L27)

'I'll go first because I'm leader.'(Pg72L6)
Hooper stimulates Kingshaw by words but Kingshaw reacts back by actions due to his difficulty of expressing feelings
'Come on, Hooper,it's O.K.'(Pg71L7)
But he wouldn't leave Hooper,he knew that he would have to take charge of things.(Pg69L5)
He wish she was dead instead of his father
'It's O.K.',Kingshaw said, 'It's only a din.'(Pg70L3)
Dumbly, Kingshaw followed.(Pg72L8)
Yes, Hooper has no right to bully Kingshaw, but the fact is he did. We must dig deep and eliminate his reasons for bullying. It's not an excuse, but an outcry to stop making rules and laws and tackle this at the source.
Stop bullying.
Why don't we just make a Hang Wood for everyone instead of a Warings?
In the Hang Wood we can see these 2 boys' relationship was going quite well, we may even expect a friendship between them.

This setting makes the turning point of this book. The two characters are showing the aspect that we have never seen in a new place without darkness and painfulness
Through these 2 chapters, the dominance is constantly alternating between Hooper and Kingshaw
Whatever self respect he might have had was gone, he did not care if Kingshaw saw that he as afraid-he wanted him to know, in fact,he wanted to be protected.(Pg69L2)
He felt protective towards Hooper
He thought, now he won't be able to frighten me,he won't be leader anymore(Pg70L28)
The Hang Wood may be a comparison with the Warings.

The Warings symbolizes evil,selfishness and isolation whereas the Hang Wood symbolizes freedom and purity.

The Warings is the world of adults, inside there people were reckless with greed and fake. The Hang Wood is more like the world of children, reflects human beings' original purity mind without any hypocrisy
Symbolizes the hardships Kingshaw will be going through at Warings
Kingshaw believes that Hooper has changed due to the circumstance has changed, they are no more in the Warings
Kingshaw was afraid of expressing his feelings, Hooper also hided his feelings from his father, but continuously hurting Kingshaw by mean words
Hooper views death in an aimless way which portrays he is cold-blooded
'I don't like it down here, Kingshaw,it's funny,it's creepy.' (Pg77L19)
-Butterfly symbolizes Hooper
-Moths symbolizes Kingshaw
*symbolizes evil
*the coming of death
*can locate where its prey is symbolizes Hooper
- Rabbit
*Weak and pure
*death(The dead rabbit) symbolizes Kingshaw
- Fish
*death(It's suffocated to death
symbolizes Kingshaw
Hooper showed his vulnerable state and acting childish for the first time and the only time within the entire book. In the same time, Kingshaw took responsibilities to take care of Hooper, which has changed his role as someone being bullied. We can all see an increasing of power and confidence of Kingshaw in these 2 chapters
Hooper was dependent on Kingshaw. However there was still a sense of hostility between these two boys
Both of them don't have a pleasant relationship with their parents
When he replied, his mouth pursed up, as though he were sucking something sour.(Pg68L5)
If he had been vindictive, this was his chance with Hooper. But he was not.(Pg68L12)
There was a feeling of tension inside the wood, as the sky darkened.(Pg69L8)
There was a great crash of thunder almost overhead, and a tearing noise, as though the sky had been ripped open.(Pg69L25)
Lightening flickered on the eyes of a bird, perched up somewhere in the branches ahead, and for a second, they shone yellow-green,like torches.(Pg70L4)
'Humans are only animals.' (Pg73L25)
The Hang Wood
-The 'Wood' symbolizes shelter,when Kingshaw and Hooper hide themselves from the rain
-Wood is also a 'home' for animals
-Wood may symbolizes nature
-Wood can also be a creepy place without any
human beings
Hooper's father rarely take care of him, and Warings was his territory. Therefore when he was in an unfamiliar place, he felt a sense of insecurity.
In the Hang Wood, Hooper felt a sense of brotherhood when Kingshaw took care of him.
It was true that he wanted to get out of the wood just as much as Hooper. But not with Hooper.(Pg75L33)
Hooper's eyes were on his, narrowed and mocking. He had paid Kingshaw back for his own terror during the storm.(Pg74L17)
They seemed to have been closed in here for hours, for ever.(Pg76L20)
'I shall go by myself in a minute, i don't care about you.'(Pg76L23)
Besides, now he had got in front again, now he was leader, he wanted to stay there.(Pg77L30)
Then, a great surge of excitement came over him, he felt again the enormous importance of being who he was, and standing where he was, in the middle of the woods.(Pg79L13)
He saw Hooper's legs, waving like the fronds of a sea anemone.(Pg79L21)
Kingshaw swam under the surface, and came bounding up at intervals, like a porpoise, showering Hooper with water.(Pg79L27)
You look like a puppet, when all the strings have gone loose.'(Pg80L12)
But he was enjoying himself, telling Hooper what to do.(Pg81L11)
Now, he thought, I know what Hooper is really like. He is a baby. And stupid. And a bully. Kingshaw felt much older, and different, too, more responsible.(Pg81L14)
At once,he knew that he has pushed his luck.(Pg81L19)
'You needn't try and tell me what to do, Kingshaw.'(Pg81L22)
Oh, Jesus, I am scared of him, I am.(Pg81L36)
'Don't try getting cocky.'(Pg81L38)
Hooper's fear was a straightforward response to an outside situation.(Pg82L32)
Kingshaw knew that he was the looser.(Pg82L35)
Now he cared, his pride had risen,he could no longer be docile about himself.(Pg83L2)
Everything was unfair.(Pg83L3)
He was going to get up and run away, anywhere, into the trees, but he stopped himself, he was bound to get lost, and besides, he thought he ought to stay with Hooper.(Pg84L28)
His skin was grey-white, the colour of gone-off milk(Pg86L6)
Here,he was in the lightest part, looking towards the darkness.(Pg87L5)
There were oak trees here, with enormous trunks, wrinkled and grey like the legs of elephants.(Pg87L37)
But there was Hooper.(Pg88L12)
Kingshaw knew he ought not to leave him.(Pg88L17)
'My father would, because I'm the most important thing he's got in his whole life, he said. So he'd buy me anything i wanted.'Kingshaw was silent, impressed by Hooper's self-confidence.(Pg93L14)
Hooper's dad thought fulfill Hooper's material needs is the love for him.
'You're supposed to be looking after me, because I hurt myself.'(Pg95L25)
'She doesn't always come.'
'Yes,she does.'
'Just because you haven't got a mother at all.'
'I wouldn't want one.'
'Fathers are better. Anybody who doesn't have a father is useless.'

Kingshaw felt protective towards Hooper, and patient with him,now, since finding him in the stream. He had become more important, somehow, because he had been so near to dying.(Pg98L8)
He was stuck with Hooper.(Pg98L18)
Nothing that he had ever known, outside of the wood,seemed real.(Pg98L24)
'It's O.K.Wake up, Hooper, you'd better wake up.It's O.K.(Pg100L11)
He wish he could lie down in the stream, just lie and lie, with the water moving over him.(Pg101L6)
If you wished people died, they heard you, somehow, and then it happened.(Pg98L1)
'Oh,pack it in, great blubbing baby. You think you are so clever,bossing everyone about. You're just a baby yourself.'
'i mean never.I don't want to be by myself.'(Pg103L22)
'Don't go away.'(Pg103L17)
Their roles had not been reversed, but still, something had changed.(Pg105L37)
Kingshaw felt aware of himself, and of his own resources(Pg105L38)
He knew he was letting whatever advantage he might have won leak away again,playing back into Hooper's hands.(Pg105L32)
But he thought that whatever happened he had something, an inner strength or resolution that Hooper lacked.(Pg105L33)
-The way Hooper and kingshaw handle situations are different.
-compared to Hooper, Kingshaw is a more moral person.

Hooper was confident that Kingshaw would not abandon him because he thought there is some kind of bond between them. He believed that whatever he does to Kingshaw, Kingshaw will not fight back as Kingshaw was too kind and too naive.

-'I wouldn't have hit you.'
he knew what he was doing, and his moral stopped him from doing it.
In the Hang Wood, Kingshaw actually thought that he could understand Hooper at some moment. However Hooper was someone who hides himself behind a mask and pretends to be strong, even his father does not know much about him. However, In fact, he has his own fears like normal children does.
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