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100 Montaditos

No description

Coline Guéry

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of 100 Montaditos

100 Montaditos
Executive summary
Company Overview
Situation Analysis
Marketing strategy
Implementation Plan
To do before the opening (January 2014)
To do for the opening (September 2014)
To do after the opening
- Purchase the Spanish franchise chain 100 Montaditos
- Introducing the brand in La Rochelle
- Influence in Latin America, United States, parts of Europe
Espension proposal in France
Company Situation
- Chain of Spanish renovation
- Belongs to the Restalia group

- Themed franchise: Mediterranean food
- Leader in innovating in Spain
Presentation of 100 Montaditos
- Created in 2000 in Huelva, Andalucia, Spain
- Fast growth in Spain since the creation (250 stores in Spain)
- Opened in America a few years later (110 franchises on the American territory)
The Product
- Brewery framed on Neorestauracion
- Based on : Spanish products with high quality, mono-price offer and customer interaction
- Middle-price: 1€
Competitive Analysis
- High Competition
- 35000 businesses in France (cafés and bars)
- 7 billion dollars of turnover each year
- Cafés, bars, restaurants: 55,3% of market share
- Large scale distributors: 22% of the market
- Expansion of foreign and exotic food
- Boom of Tex Mex and Tapas
- Growing need for healthy food
Consumer Analysis
- Target market: mainly students female and masculine (18-25)
SWOT Analysis
- Economic prices
- High quality food
- Large range of product
- Healthy food
- Fast casual restaurant
- Rapid growth internationally
- Convivial environment
- Largest Spanish owned franchise
- Lack in national awareness
- Not enough promotions
- Expensive to afford
- Mediterranean food only in certain locations
- Fast feedback from consumers since La Rochelle is a small town
- Increase awareness
- Big cafés and bars market in France
- For feminine and masculine consumers contrary to french style fast-foods focusing on more masculine consumers
- Plenty of students in La Rochelle demanding the night life during their free time
- Large competitive market in La Rochelle
- Country are local regulations
- High insurance for liquor license
Marketing Mix
- La Rochelle is the test place to expend the brand all over France
- Continuing to use the methods and advantages that made montaditos successful in the past
- To fix the necessities of young people
- And use the opportunities and strengths that make the plan available and secure
- Finding the place
- Fit and fulfill all laws registrations
- Negotiate with the Société Générale to get a loan to finance the project
- Adapt 100 Montaditos to the French culture
- Hire 10 Staff members and 1 Staff manager
- Starting the training in July 2014
- Negotiate future parnerships with the cinema, pubs and nightclubs
- Organize and launch an advertisement campaign
- Open the franchise and promoting this day
- In December 31st, setup goals for the end of 2015
- Continuing trainings
- Respect the closes of the contract
- Promoting in the regional and then national aspects to extend the brand concept to other places in France
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