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Career Shadowing Project

Band Director: Mr. Cayer

Nilka Lopez

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing Project

I Career Shadowed a Middle School Band Director. Mr. Cayer! The Purpose Of His Job... In Fifteen Years? Employability Skills! He plans to improve the way he teaches, enter into more competitions (aside of M.P.A.) and create more bands. is to teach middle school students how to play instruments properly, read music, and understand how to play their instrument with others. Average Salary & Education. maturity good attitude basic academic skills thinking creatively reasoning desicion making problem solving responsability honesty integrity salary:
32-34k/ year education:
4 year degree in Music Education Reflection Piece. Technology Sound System Speakers ipod Amplifiers electric instruments Would I pursue this career? Yes, one day in the future I hope to either become a choir or band director.! Skills Not only do you need to be a talented musician... you need to be good with children... and you need to have teaching skills. A well-rounded people-person. What did I like best? I liked the different bands Mr. Cayer got to work with. It showed his ability to switch the way he taught from a beginner's band to the symphonic band to the jazz band and etc. What didn't I like? I didn't like the attitude that some students had making me wonder if I would have the patience to be a teacher. The End
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