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There's an Owl in the Shower

No description

Sherri S.

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of There's an Owl in the Shower

There's an Owl in the Shower
by Jean Craighead George

Major Conflict
Borden's dad, Leon, is a tree cutter and has lost his job. The spotted owls are losing their habitat and are near extinction. A a judge passed a law stating that cutting trees in the old-growth forest must stop until someone can come up with a plan to save the spotted owl and its habitat.
Endangered Species Act
A law that states that no one can destroy threatened and endangered creatures or the habitats they live in.
Old-growth forest of the Pacific Coast in northern California, in May
Borden Watson
Leon Watson (Borden's Dad)
Cindy Watson (Borden's Mom)
Sally Watson (Borden's Sister)
Paul James (Science teacher and environmentalist)
Borden is angry and blames the spotted owl for the loss of his dad's job. He wants to shoot spotted owls.
Chapter 2
Things we learned about owls:
Owls are nocturnal.
Owls have "sound vision" that is sharper than an eagle's eyes.
Owls eat flying squirrels, mice, rats, and birds.
A mother owl must stay with the owlets for two weeks to keep their body temperatures regulated.
Barred owls look very much like spotted owls.
Barred owls are aggressive and take over the spotted owls' trees and home range.

Environmentalists are people who advocate or work to protect the air, land, water, and other natural resources from pollution and its effects.
Chapter 3: Problems

Leon and Paul James get into a fight at Mike's gas station. Paul is Sally's science teacher and an environmentalist. He believes that the old-growth forests must be preserved. Leon believes that people should come before owls. Leon is angry because he can't provide for his family.
Chapter 4
Enrique is struggling to find food for his family. Due to the tree cutters clear-cutting the forest, he has to fly farther away from home to hunt for food. With no food, the owlets are growing weak. The hunger cries of the owlets force the mother owl to also leave the nest to hunt.
More facts about owls:
Young owls must leave their parents' territory when they are mature.
Mid-May is usually the beginning of the dry season in the old-growth forest. For eons, spotted owls have adapted to this season by timing the arrival of their young with the good weather.
Problems for the owlets:
Heavy rain is causing problems for the owls.
Strong winds from the Pacific Ocean blow in, and without the trees to check its force, the wind blows the owlets' out of their nest.
A pine marten kills the female baby owlet. The mother owl finds the male owlet and uses a morsel of food to lure him to a rhododendron bush.
Pine Marten

Rhododendron bush
The Discovery
The little male owlet tries to fly but fails and crashes to the ground. Borden, who is in the woods to shoot owls, finds the little owlet. He doesn't see spots, so he thinks he's a barred owl. He takes the little owlet home.
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