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No description

jonathan selby

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of magnets

Magnets are used in almost everything Magnets Jonathan Selby James Poe Kyler Jackson Phones Speakers Medical Use Computers And of course compasses One specific use of magnets is in roller coasters Magnets run along the track and along the side of the cars They work off the fact that like charges repel
and unlike charges attract It uses an electromagnet to control the force on the car Like charges = repel = accelerating
Unlike charges = attract = brake Of course....... The stronger the magnets, the stronger the forces. The weaker the magnets the weaker the forces. The type of magnets used in a roller coaster may vary, but it depends upon both the negative and positive abilities of magnets.

The quick launch of a roller coaster is due to the magnetic propulsion.

The magnets shown above are likely charged and have a great force that repels them. This causes the extreme take-off of roller coasters. System of Magnets... Often, magnets on a roller coaster are controlled through automated systems. When propulsion is desired, magnets with different polarities may push down against the sides of the track to make contact with magnets with opposite polarities. When attraction is needed, magnets placed along the track gradually slow the coaster down. Magnets are also cheaper and more efficient than standard brakes. They also last longer than the standards. Not only do magnets affect roller coasters,
they affect most of everything Magnets have revolutionized the roller coaster industry. Now instead of having to climb up a hill,
they can just take off instantly and slow down quickly Magnets were first used for braking in 1996 in Ohio But were not used for accelerating until 2000, again in Ohio Your world would be completely
different without magnets
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