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Jim Poss Case

No description

melissa mendez

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Jim Poss Case

Company JIM POSS BigBelly Trash Compactor
founded Seahorse Power Company (SPC) in 2003 BigBelly Trash compactors use solar powered panels to compact waste, increasing efficiency and reducing pollution by decreasing the frequency of trash collection trips. MISSION STATEMENT:

to reduce fossil fuel consumption
through innovative cost-saving
approaches to inefficient, everyday
problems. WASTE MANAGEMENT Did you know that it costs about $100 AN HOUR to operate a garbage truck? 1.

There are relatively few competitive variables to consider. SPC’s direct competition offers a clearly inferior product, albeit it at a lower price, while SPC’s own product design seems relatively well-protected. help SPC meet their need for capital by: 1. prove the executive team's commitment
reassure potential investors of the continuing potential for profitability. 2. improve their marketing strategy Al Ashkuff
Gorkem Pancar
Morgan Lamborn
Melissa Mendez 2004 POLITICAL SOCIAL "As you know, the U.S. economy appears to have made the transition from a period of subpar growth to one of more vigorous expansion. Real gross domestic product (GDP) rose briskly in the second half of last year, fueled by a sizable increase in household spending, a notable strengthening in business investment, and a sharp rebound in exports. Moreover, productivity surged, prices remained stable, and financial conditions improved further. Overall, the economy has lately made impressive gains in output and real incomes, although progress in creating jobs has been limited." Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve ECONOMIC stabilizing cost of materials increasing business investment 1.
2. Continued support for the War on Terror could offer the unique opportunity for expansion into governmental contracts specifically related to the war. public opinion of solar technology organized vandalism of BigBelly compactors 1.

2. What's going on in 2004?

demand needed capital Key Issue SPC has had a hard time securing investors . They sold their first compactor for a loss of $4,500. SPC currently has an offer from an investor willing to contribute $200,000 based on terms that the organization does not believe in. SPC should hire an executive with more marketing experience
short term solution: continue looking for companies that are in remote areas and have trouble with garbage collection, like a Vail
long term solution: establish relationships in new industries Strategic Alternatives 3. The executive team needs to continue looking for creative ways to decrease the cost of their product. The price fluctuation of materials could potentially result in a product that is not profitable. 4. SPC should capitalize on the growing strength of the "green" movement. Customers that are interested in the BigBelly Compactor might be likely to invest in other products that use alternative energies. 1. Do not accept the current
investment offer 2. Continue to
develop financial options for
consumers. 3. Reduce production
costs. 4. Solidify our
customer base. 5. Achieve financial transparency. update to present.... Seahorse Power Company became BigBelly Solar in 2009. They have expanded their product base and now offer sustainable recycling programs in addition to the trash compactor.

They sell their products to parks, cities, corporations and entertainment venues in all 50 U.S. States and 15 countries.

BigBelly Solar was one of eight to win the SABNE New England Innovation Award this past May. in conclusion... Executing our recommended course of action will yield benefits.... 5 SPC can retain its original vision and belief.

SPC can overcome customers' psychological barriers,
and encourage them to "give it a try"

Offer more affordable and competitive products.

Find more investors and spark competition.

Set investors at ease, and encourage generosity. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The trash compactor can also decrease the annual labor cost of waste management by $2000 annually. Recommendations... BigBelly recently introduced their latest product: CLEAN, a wireless network monitoring and management software that provides
real-time and historical information to managers or workers to plan waste collection routes and pickups. Any questions?
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